white wide-leg pants

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I wore this outfit on Tuesday.  The white wide-leg pants trend is in full effect for Spring 2011.  Kim Kardashian and Kristen Bell rocked their white wide-leg pants.  Each styled it very differently.  I opted to style my white wide-leg pants with an orange button up shirt, ,black pumps and a black belt.  I bought these pants 2 years ago and this is probably the 2nd time I’ve worn them.  LOL  I am so glad this trend is making a major impact for Spring (as stated on mystyle.com ).  I’d say the best way to style these pants would be to make sure you wear a really high pump… pretty much a stilletto!!

It was pretty funny when I took these pictures.  I was in the park, as usual, and this lady walked past me with her dog.  She came by a second time and asked me, “What are you taking pictures of?”  I told her, “Me!”  Then she says, “Your taking pictures of YOU!”  Like she was just apauled. LOL  Then I say, “Yes, I have a fashion blog.”  Then she says it again, “So, your taking pictures of YOURSELF?”  I wanted to say, “Keep it moving lady!” LOL  But I kindly just said, “YES! I have a FASHION BLOG!”  Then she gets snippy and puts her hand on her hip and says, “My DAUGHTER has a FASHION BLOG TOO!”  I wanted to say, “Then you know what I’m doing, so get outta my face old lady!”  LOL LOL LOL  But me, being the nice person that I am, I just said, “Oh OK!” and just continued to take my pictures.  Then she startes to strike up a conversation with me the 3rd time she comes around to me and says, “Your pants are so nice, I wish I could wear them and look as good in them as you do.”  I still wanted to say, “Lady, leave me alone!” LOL LOL   But I kindly said THANK YOU!  hahaha 

People are just so nosey when it comes to taking my pictures with my tripod.  They usually just stare, noone has been bold enough to ask me what exactly I was doing besides this little old lady who was walking her dog.  LOL!!

top-J Crew│white wide leg pants-Nili Lotan│shoes - BCBG│belt-old│sunglasses-A.B.S.

As of today, I have saved 3 pairs of shoes for the  Shoeper Shoe Challenge that I am participating in.  I stjll have a lot more to go!!

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