Jumpsuit…jump jump

jumpsuit-H&M / pumps-BCBG / sunglasses-A.B.S / watch-Shock Boutique $30 / bracelet-Express / ring-Charlotte Russe

WOW!  What a beautiful day today was.  It hit 88 degrees here in Atlanta.  I hate to keep telling you how nice it is here  because I know there are places that are still getting ice, snow or cold weather.  Sorry!  I just LOVE the sun so much it just makes me so happy and it feels so good.  No, seriously, I REALLY love the sun.  LOL  Call me a weirdo, but if you know me, then you know I love the sun, sorta like a fat kid loves cake! AND I am dead serious.  You’ll learn to find out there are some weird things about me.  3 words… the sun, fresh tar, and gasoline.  I’ve already told you about the sun, one day I will share with you my obsession with fresh tar and gasoline. LOL  That’s another topic for another day! Ha Ha

This is one of the jumpsuits that I bought at H&M over the weekend and I absolutely love it on.  I opted to wear it with pumps today.  I also had on a black blazer but I didn’t wear it in any of my shots because it was just too darn HOT outside.  I even slipped off my pumps and walked around barefoot in the grass.  I so enjoyed today.  It’s the small things in life that satisfy me and walking barefoot with the grass between my toes and the sun beating on my skin, was just heaven to me!!!!

P.S.  I totally forgot!  You all know I am participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, well I’ve added a new pair of shoes to my collection so my shoe count now goes to 91.  Whew!!  I still got a lot of shoe wearing to do.  These don’t count in these shots because they’ve already been saved!!

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