Steal Style: Jumpsuit



H&M jumpsuit│JustFab shoes│Thrifted clutch and leopard belt│assorted bangles│Shock Boutiqe watch│Target earrings


Ever seen an outfit and you thought, I am sooo gonna recreate that look????  Well thats what I call, Steal Style You’ll see a lot more of these posts because I am always seeing styles I want to steal. LOL  I actually didn’t think that when I saw these shots of the 2 Kardashian sisters in their Kardashian Kollection jumpers. LOL  I actually saw these pictures the day after I wore this oufit and thought…Hmmmmm, I wore something so much similar to this, that means “Blog Post”! hahaha  I didn’t even get any good outfit shots because I actually wore this for Fashions Night Out-Atlanta.  I had hubby take some impromptu shots when I got home (around 11PM ish) so they weren’t so hot, but they get the point across!!! 

I’m wearing gold drop earrings, decided to carry a red clutch just because red looks sooo good next to leopard print (the belt).  I just threw in the green shoes, just because I wanted to wear them.  They don’t fit anywhere in with the color, but it works for me. LOL  I didn’t want to be so matchy matchy.  It’s funny how I took a little bit of Kourtney’s style with the leopard and a bit of Khloe’s style with the touch of red.    I think I’m going to get the leopard jumper they carry though and the leopard blazer.  I’ve been on the hunt for a leopard blazer for way too long!

Fashion Night Out-Atlanta

I received a Mini Makeover at Jeffrey in Phipps Plaza by Woo Cosmetics.  I don’t wear much makeup so I’m sooo glad she did it so soft and subtle.  I went to Phipps along with Alaina of Bustin Out the Seams (she got a mini makeover too) and we had a BLAST.  We ran into Soulja Boy, you can check out the picture here , and just went from store to store taking advantage of all the fab sales, and goodies to eat!  Nordstrom did it up BIG and from what I saw, Saks did too, but we left to head on over to House of Adrene for more fun!!

Trina of Babyshopaholic and I

House of Adrene  is such a cute trendy boutique located at 264 Peters Street SW  Atlanta, GA  30313.  I made a stop here for a night of shopping, drinking, and FUN!  Guess what ladies… this boutique has a RUN WAY right in the middle of the store.  Now thats my kind of boutique!!  :)

 Dominique of Lipstick Manual, DL Winfrey of PGRDresses, and Sean McKnight


Trina, Alaina, Adrene (Owner of House of Adrene), and I

So that is what I did for FNO-Atlanta in a nutshell.  I know I’m late in posting, but better late than never.  What did you all do for FNO?  Did you do some major shopping????


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