Hi lovelies!  Can you believe it?  I have arisen! hahhhh  I know I know, I have been MIA, wait, I guess its more than MIA, I kind of just fell off the face of the blogosphere.  LOL  You won’t believe that when I tried to login to my account, I FORGOT the link to go to login to my admin page to do a blog post… now that is a shame.. a damn shame, huh? hhahah  I just have to giggle.  I have missed you all so so much.  You can’t imagine how good it feels right now to sit here and blog.  It’s sooo refreshing and feels like a calgon bath… well maybe I’m going a bit too far, but it feels good.  So lets see, what have YOU missed, well what have I missed?????  Fill me in and leave comments and let me know all the good things I’ve missed in the blogosphere.  Also its a new year… so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  it’s a bit late, but I just realized I actually haven’t even spoke to you or even showed my face since last year… WOW!  OK, well I can’t promise that I will be back as often as I was, but I will say that I will make more of an effort to atleast post once a week, if not more.  But I’ll start slow for now and just say my goal is to atleast post once a week for you fashion lovers so you can get your fix!  It’ll get better… trust me! *wink*

OK, so a lot has been going on with me… Hubby turned the big 4-0 a few weeks ago and I gave him an intimate birthday dinner party that included all of our close dear friends that we absolutely adore and love.  We had a blast and he so enjoyed himself.  I wore this LOVELY black jumpsuit from Asos.  Which is on SALE right now!!  I apologize for the crappy pictures, I don’t know why they turned out so horribly, I think hubby had the settings on my DSLR all jacked.  They were very blurry so I had to sharpen them a bit during editing. 

Aqua Coco V Neck Jumpsuit – Asos│Earrings – random store in the mall│Marco Santi shoes – Sole Society│Clutch – Michael Kors│watch – Shock Boutique ( I think they are no longer in business)


SOOOOOO, if you keep scrolling, I’ve got a SURPRISE for everyone!  **giggling**


This is the reason I’ve fallin off the face of blogosphere … I’m growing a little person, our “jelly bean” as I call him/her.  And now you know the meaning behind my blog title and why I am absolutely GLOWING in my picture.  of course, this was taken about a month ago, so  “jelly bean” has grown lots since then.  Hubby and I are so excited and so looking forward to this next chapter in our lives!  I can’t promise that I’m not gonna swamp you with all kinds of baby talk, baby clothes and baby stuff, because these days all I can think about is all things BABY! *smile*



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