WELCOME to Charee Leneé

Who is Charee Lenee’ ????    I am, and FASHION  is my passion!!!  I break ALL fashion rules!!! I love high-heels, lip gloss, little black dress, trendy and stylish attire, and white after Labor Day!!! My motto:  Fashion is not always about how much you spend, but how good you can make a $2.00 outfit look like a million buck$!! 

You may ask… What is Fashion?   Well, I am Fashion and YOU are Fashion too!!!  Charee Lenee’ was founded in November 2010 with the hopes of inspiring others that also share my same passions for everything that has to do with fashion but just not too sure about how to exactly express themselves in this huge world of fashion!!  Fashion is all around us and the world is our runway.  This blog is all about my personal style and my love for  “all things fashion.”    I hope you come along and enjoy the ride….

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