Camo Pants + Stokke




camo pants – Target (Similar here | blouse – Boutique | leather jacket – Nordstrom Rack (Similar here and here) | shoes – Just Fab “Taylor” | watch – Michael Kors



Happy Friday!!!!  The weather has been in the mid 60’s for some reason.  I’m not complaining at all.  Baby M and I were able to get out to the park for a walk.  He is such a happy baby and loves being outdoors!   Everyone always asks me about Baby M’s stroller.  Even when we are out, people are always stopping me to inquire.  I actually have 2 strollers, this one is the “daddy” stroller for Hubs.  It is the Stokke Xplory.  I actually love it because it sits high up.  That in itself sold me because I loved the eye to eye level with Baby M.  I also love the fact that it is light weight, easy to break down and an extremely smooth ride.  I also like the fact that you can purchase a kick board that  a toddler can ride on, for the mommy’s that have another small child.  I purchased this stroller from Buy Buy Baby, but I am sure you can probably purchase it just about any baby store or online.  The Cons of this stroller would be that it didn’t come with a cup holder.  I still have to get around to purchasing one.  I always forget to get it.  I also use the Mommy Hook which is a must have for ALL Mommy’s.  It only costs about $8 and this hook holds everything!!!  I love it!







I’m linking up with Eboni today for her Style Me Friday post.  Today’s Friday Style is all about Camo.

Are you rocking your Camo?



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7 Responses to Camo Pants + Stokke

  1. Look at Baby M back there waving! Hey!!! I really need to get some skinny camo pants! I linked up this week too!

  2. ADRIENNE says:

    Nice Look!! Love the Sknny Camo’s!

  3. jeimy says:

    wow love this !!! and the pictures are great!!

  4. Eboni Ifé says:

    Yaaaay!! Thanks for participating, Charee!!! You are too cute….and I am so happy to see you embracing those curls. ;)

  5. elle sees says:

    ooh i love this outfit, esp the camo skinnies. found ya via the SBS

  6. Mimi says:

    Hey man!! I see him styling and profiling in the background. You look great. You are rocking that hair!

  7. Yes girl. You rocked this camo. I love how the pants fit you. As a matter of fact, I purchased the same ones from Target.

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