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seafoam green denim + baby


Good morning loves.  It’s Monday!!!  How was your weekend?  I had a great weekend… that makes 3 weekends in a row.  I was supposed to go hang out with Trina for her birthday, but the Hubs failed to tell me we had plans to go to a birthday party.  (I thought it was going to be a “guys night”).  So I had to change my plans… *sigh*  But it was OK, because we had a BLAST!  The DJ was Ahhhhh mazing.  He had the whole party jamming.  I don’t think I’ve danced like that in a loooong time.  It felt good to have a “date night” with the hubs.  Hubs and I didn’t stay out long, because I started having separation anxiety from my lil man. hahhhahaaha   

This is when Mason started to get bored!!  LOL (*notice the YAWN)

seafoam green denim (Similar) & leopard loafers (Similar) or (Similar)- Target  ● white top- H&M ● watch- Michael Kors ● bracelet- Tiffany ● belt- Thrifted
Mason is wearing Ralph Lauren Polo layette  ● GAP socks


Last week, Mason and I went and met my girlfriend for lunch and some light shopping.  If you’ve wondered what I would wear to a lunch outing with baby, this is it.  You know my 2 favorite C’s… cute and comfy!!!  I scored these seafoam green denim pants from Target for $22 awhile back.  I’m loving wearing the colored denim and its still haute for Fall, so don’t pack them away just yet. 

What is your comfy & cute outfit while out with the kiddies?


FNO 2012



*waving*  HELLOOOOOO loves!!  I tell you, I am sooo happy to be back!  I missed ya’ll so so much!  As you can see, I’m no longer preggo!!  I had a beautiful baby boy on June 24th and I have been devoting my life strictly to him.  He’s such a JOY and is oh so cute… I just can’t stop stealing kisses from him.  hahaha  I’ll be sure to share pictures of his very soon.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already seen my little man! 

OK, so yesterday was Fashion’s Night Out.  It was my first event since having my son.  I had a ball.  The BFF’s also known as Blog Fab Fashionistas, had an awesome event where they hopped from store to store at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.  I didn’t make it to Lenox but arrived just in time to Phipps to hit up Lilly Pulitzer where they had a fabulous Pink Lemonade Mohito popsicles (yes it was non-alcoholic).  Then we proceeded to Belk where we walked the red carpet and took tons of pictures and we ended our night at Twist where we all laughed, ate and just had a FUN Time. 

high-waisted pants (Similar), clutch & top – Thrifted|shoes – Sole Society|necklace & assorted bracelets- H&M/Tiffany’s|ring – Target

I’m so glad I was able to attend and thanks to Nikka of Oh! Nikka for creating this awesome group.  If you want more information about Blog Fab Fashionistas, head on over to her blog, Oh! Nikka or Blog Fab Fashionistas.


  (LtoR) Lynn of L A Lynns; Nikka of Oh! Nikka; Parker of Everyday Runway 


What did you do for Fashion’s Night Out?



Key Hole Back


Hi dolls.  I hope you all had a great weeend.  I stayed in bed all weekend and really chilled out…I’m trying to get better.  This is going to be a quick post and another from the archives.  I purchased this dress from H&M and I love it because of the open back.  It’s perfect for Spring/Summer.  I belted it so it wouldn’t look so drapy and baggy.  The shoes are from Just Fab.  Arent’ they CUTE?!?  They caught my eye becuase of the patent leather and the cranberry look.  They are just too too cute! 

Don’t you just love them???



Remember Me???



tank and skirt: H&M ǀ shoes: Sole Society ǀ blazer & clutch: Thrifted ǀ hair barret:  Target ǀ watch:  Shock Boutique ǀ assorted bracelets: Tiffany & H&M

Hello lovelies!!!  I’ve missed ya’ll.  I’ve been doing my usual traveling and everytime I get back in town I have to get back in the swing of things… I guess you can blame it on jetlag??  OK, we’ll blame it on that. LOL  Sooooo, as long as I’ve been trying to hold onto Summer, FALL is def here in Atlanta.  It’s really cold in the mornings and then it warms up throughout the day for a high of mid 70’s.  Today we actually hit 80, and of course, I loved it!  If you know me, you know I love the SUN, no seriously, I am in deep love with the SUN!  LOL

I actually wore this outfit maybe 4 weeks ago.  I attended 2 different events in the same day when I wore this. I love this skirt because it fits sooo perfectly and I most love the pockets.  I can’t wait to break out the tights and wear it again.  My apologies for the quick post, but I gotta run.  SMOOCHES babes and have a fab day!!!

Tell me, what do you like best about this outfit????



Jazz Brunch

H&M-pants, top, blazer, assorted bracelets│Guess-shoes│Michael Kors-wrap belt│Shock Boutique-watch│necklace-Vintage


I hope you all had a FAB weekend!  I enjoyed time with the family and great friends.  Last weekend, I attended FAMU (Florida A&M University) Jazz Brunch with my great friend Felix. I go every year to show my support.  (I’m an OSU alumni)  The people are great, the food is great, and the young adults that are so blessed to receive scholarships from this University.  To see how grateful and humbled they are is the best part for me.  Also, to see how happy these young adults are that their hard work has paid off.

I had been on the hunt for a white blazer and I came across one at H&M a couple weeks ago while shopping the Conscious Collection.  I bought a lot of items in the collection actually, but the white blazer was by far, my best item purchased.

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #16

It seems like I just can’t get out of the 80’s with my shoe count. LOL  I bought yet another pair of shoes over the weekend so my count goes up AGAIN… *sigh*  I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been 2.5 months since the Shoe Challenge began, so I think I’m still ahead of the game.  LOL  I won’t change my count though until I receive them, as usual.

So are you all getting excited about the ROCK IT ROLL IT challenge?  Don’t forget to head over to Fashion Du Jour Daily to enter the Style Challenge to have a chance to win a $50 shopping spree sponsored by MiMi Boutique …Stay tuned too see how I’m going to  ROCK IT & ROLL IT!



the dog bite

military jacket-H&M│top-Armani Xchange│cargos-TJ Maxx│wedges-BCBG│ring-Charlotte Russe│watch-Shock Boutique│necklace-Mother'sDay gift from daughter

I hope everyone had a Happy Monday!!   If you are a frequent reader, you remember that a couple weeks ago, I was bitten by a dog.  It’s still surreal to me, but it indeed happened.  This is actually the outfit I had on and was in the park doing my photoshoot for.   I can laugh about it now, but at no means was it funny.  It was all but funny while I was going through the recovery process.  So, let me begin…

I went to the park as I usually do at lunch time.  There is usually noone even in the park most days.  It’s a very small park and  the park hosts a lot of small outdoor weddings because the scenery is just so nice and  it has such an intimate setting.  Anywho, I was actually done with my photoshoot and carrying my tripod and camera back to my car.  I didn’t even think twice as I saw the gentleman walking towards me with his 2 Boston Terriers.  I’m by no means afraid of dogs.  I grew up with them and love dogs.  I’ve  had pit bulls (that were such babies and by no means mean at all) and I currently have a 6lb Shih Tzu, so as you can see, I am no stranger to dogs.  So the guy walks past me and I say, “Hello” and he speaks back and the next think I know, his dog jumps on my leg and attacks me.  I’m like, “What the hell? Your damn dog just bit me?” LOL  Those were my exact words!!!! LOL  I was just so shocked, because I have NEVER EVER EVER had this happen to me in my life. LOL (well… when I was younger a dog tried to bite me in my butt..LOL But thats another story for another day LOL LOL).   The guy looks at me and says, “I’m sorry.”  But his attitude was just like, what do you want me to do.  He wasn’t as apologetic as he could have been.  You know?  So I say I need to get his information, he’s not cooperative.   He was an elderly gentleman so I didn’t argue with him.. I was raised to treat my elders with respect. LOL  So I just wrote down his license plate number.  I drove back to work and immediately called the police.  So the police comes out, takes my report and tells me I have to call Animal Control.  I call Animal Control and they tell me because the bite happened in one county and I live in another county, I had to come into the location so they could verify the bite.  So I drive to Animal Control and file a report with them.  They tell me they will quarantine the dog for 10 days to be sure the dog doesn’t have Rabbies.  They told me that they hadn’t had a Rabbies case in the state of GA in over 5 years.  So that made me feel pretty good but I still thought to myself, I had the bad luck to get bitm it would be just my luck that this dog would have Rabbies, so I was still worried.  I went to my Dr. and she checked out the bite and told me I had an infection and then I had to get on antibiotics.  I also had to get a Tetnas shot in my arm that left my arm sore for 3 days.  Then the antibiotics that I was on, had side effects and would you know, I experienced 95% of the side effects.  I don’t know what was worse, the dog bite or the side effects from the antibiotic.  Uggghhhh  But today I can say I am back to 100% and you wouldn’t even have known I was bit by a dog if I didn’t tell you. LOL  I know for sure, that was a day that I will never forget.  I still have a love for dogs, but I will say… when it comes to Boston Terriers, I will be a little bit more reserved and give them that ::side eye:: and one better not come near me! LOL

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #12

So I bought 2 more shoes this weekend so my shoe count total is now up to 94.  So I’ve been knocked back a few and have 82 more to go.  I also actually bought 2 more pair online but I haven’t received those yet so I won’t count them until I physically have them!!!   WOW!  I guess you can call me a SHOEAHOLIC as well as a SHOPAHOLIC!  hahahahahaha  If you’d like, you can still participate in the challenge.  You just will have a late start but will still have to wear all your shoes by February 14, 2012. 


As you can tell I was having such a good time with this shoot too!  LOL  Oh yeah, the dog tore my pants too…  I might have been more worried about my pants than my leg. LOL LOL


Jumpsuit…jump jump

jumpsuit-H&M / pumps-BCBG / sunglasses-A.B.S / watch-Shock Boutique $30 / bracelet-Express / ring-Charlotte Russe

WOW!  What a beautiful day today was.  It hit 88 degrees here in Atlanta.  I hate to keep telling you how nice it is here  because I know there are places that are still getting ice, snow or cold weather.  Sorry!  I just LOVE the sun so much it just makes me so happy and it feels so good.  No, seriously, I REALLY love the sun.  LOL  Call me a weirdo, but if you know me, then you know I love the sun, sorta like a fat kid loves cake! AND I am dead serious.  You’ll learn to find out there are some weird things about me.  3 words… the sun, fresh tar, and gasoline.  I’ve already told you about the sun, one day I will share with you my obsession with fresh tar and gasoline. LOL  That’s another topic for another day! Ha Ha

This is one of the jumpsuits that I bought at H&M over the weekend and I absolutely love it on.  I opted to wear it with pumps today.  I also had on a black blazer but I didn’t wear it in any of my shots because it was just too darn HOT outside.  I even slipped off my pumps and walked around barefoot in the grass.  I so enjoyed today.  It’s the small things in life that satisfy me and walking barefoot with the grass between my toes and the sun beating on my skin, was just heaven to me!!!!

P.S.  I totally forgot!  You all know I am participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, well I’ve added a new pair of shoes to my collection so my shoe count now goes to 91.  Whew!!  I still got a lot of shoe wearing to do.  These don’t count in these shots because they’ve already been saved!!


shorts and tights

shorts,top & bracelets-H&M│blazer-Thrifted│leopard belt-Marshall's│tights-Target│pumps-BCBG│sunglasses-ABS│watch-Anne Klein

So I have never thought to wear tights with my shorts but I’ve seen lots of other bloggers doing it.  I thought, why not? LOL  And guess what, its a HUGE trend.  I know everyone has got to have a pair of shorts and everyone must also own a pair of tights, right?  There you have it, an instant trendy outfit. 

Some are even going with the denim shorts with tights, which is a trend I LOVE.  I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it yet because 1. I can’t wear it to the office.  I will have to wear it on a weekend and I haven’t had a chance just yet. 

I bought these trouser shirts from H&M a while ago and I figured they would be the perfect shorts to wear with tights.  I’ve worn these shoes already in my challenge here, so I can’t count them.  It’s going to be harder than I thought to wear all 90 something pairs of shoes I have becuase I wear most of the same ones often. LOL  But thats the great part about the Shoe Challenge…its a CHALLENGE!! 


je t’aime

jumpsuit-H&M│shoes-Jessica Simpson│red skinny belt-Express│necklace and earrings-Target│clutch-NineWest│leather jacket-old

Today is the day of LOVE….. who says?  If you know me then you know I think Valentine’s Day is so overrated.  I mean, who started this Valentine’s Day really???  Why should we celebrate the day of LOVE on 1 day?  Valentine’s Day should be a day that is shared on a daily basis.  Hubby shows me how much he loves me daily and he gets me flowers, chocolates, wines and dines me, just because.  That’s what makes it even more special!  Not when you get great things on a day that you are expecting something.   Do things that you did today, EVERYDAY!!!  ::smiles::  Thats why I think its so overrated, but anywho… Hubby and I went out and had a great time.  It was an excuse for another “date night” and I love having date nights with hubby.  It makes me fall in love with him all over again. 

The plan was to go to the Alvin Ailey ballet, reservations at One Midtown Kitchen  and then out for drinks and dancing.  Well, all of that changed when something unexpected happened and we ended up missing the ballet, our reservations and had to push our day back even later than we wanted to.  It was all good though, we still had a great time and had dinner at Benihana’s then we met our friends for drinks at this really cool Salsa restaurant/bar.  We had a BLAST!!! 

I originally planned to wear a red dress but changed my mind at the list minute and opted to wear this jumpsuit that I bought from H&M in October.  I still wanted to wear a touch of red, so I wore a red skinny belt and these shoes that are to DIE for.  I bought them from and the shoe is a nude color with a hint of blush.  The back of the shoe is the best part!!!  It’s like a lace-up detail with red suede peeking out behind the lace-up.  If your a size 7 and interested in purchasing, you can here.  The size 7 is the only size left.  The picture makes the shoe look like a nude color, but it does have that hint of blush color in the shoe, which I think is pretty.  I was shocked when I did get them, but I was still very happy with the shoe.  I ordered them online  about 6 or 7 months ago, so that explains why they only have 1 size left.  LOL!

As you know, today is Day#1 of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge… 1 down, 89 more to go!  :)


original hunter wellies

jeans-7 for all mankind│shirt and scarf-H&M│leather jacket-old│earrings-Charlotte Russe│rain boots-Original Tall Hunter Wellies│sunglasses-A.B.S

Happy Saturday!!  If your in Atlanta, I hope you are going to get out and enjoy this beautiful day!  This is an old outfit post, I wore this on Thursday (hence, another bad hair day..for ME anyway).  We got about a 1/2 inch of snow Wednesday night and it was rainy so I decided to wear by Hunter wellies.  By noon, everything cleared up and it actually turned out to be a lovely day with no rain and all the snow melted.  I did get one little shot of snow that hadn’t melted because it was still in the shade. LOL

I have plenty of pair of rain boots and these fit no different than the ones that I bought from Target.  What I do like about them, however, are how tal they go up my leg.  I also like that you can buy the Welly Socks also.  They keep your feet really warm and comfy and they are perfect to wear in rain, snow, wet weather.  That slushy weather that you may get, these are PERFECT for that.  They are also good to wear when going fishing and in muddy areas.  They are so easy to clean.  Just hose off and VOILA, they are clean.  If you are interested in purchasing them, you can here



black & grey all over

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!  What team are you rooting for?  I’m not a fan of Green Bay and I’m not a fan of Steelers, but I am going to go for the Steelers.  ONLY because my big brother is a HUGE Steelers fan and has been ever since he was old enough to know anything about football.  So I’m going with his team.  They aren’t playing so good, but hopefully after the halftime show they will get back in the game.   Two things I love aboutthe Super Bowl….see who sings the National Anthem and how well they do it and the Half Time show.  Christina Aguilera sang that…not sing, but SANG it!!  Now I’m just waiting for the half time show and I am sure the Black Eyed Peas are going to kill it too. 

I wore this outfit probably two weeks ago.  I just hadn’t posted it yet.  I wore it when we were having such beautiful weather, that’s why I’m not so bundled up.  I’ve had this dress for quite awhile.  I don’t even shop at Level X anymore(I’m not even sure they are still open), so I know I’ve had it a long long long time. LOL  I paired it with these printed tights that I bought from Target for $5.00.  I bought a whole bunch of printed tights and said I was going to start wearing them because they have just been sitting in my sock drawer just waiting.  I got so many compliments on them too.  The shoes I got from Just Fab last summer and can you believe this is my first time wearing them?  LOL  I decide to wear them in the Winter, imagine that!  LOL 

Well, I’m going to get back to the game and all the good snacks… GO STEELERS!!!

tunic-Level X│leather jacket-old│scarf-H&M│printed tights-Target│shoes-JustFab│skinny belt-Express


state of emergency

leather jacket – old │bubble mini dress – H&M │striped leggings – H&M │Over The Knee High Boots – Just Fab │chunky scarf – Targe │faux fur hat – H&M



pretty girls ROCK!



daily outfit: happy saturday!



daily outfit: nothing to wear!