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Spring Peplum



Happy Monday!  The weekends seem to come and go by so fast.  It seems like it was just Friday on yesterday. hahhaaha  So I’ve took the Pretty Girls Rock (PGR) Dresses Spring/Summer Dress Challenge.  I’m committed to rock a dress, skirt, or feminine pant suit at least three days a week.  I challenge you to participate as well.  This won’t be hard for me because I love a cute dress.  I’d wear a dress every single day!!  I love my dresses y’all!  hahaha   Is it SPRING yet?  Y’all know how I hate the cold weather and live for warm/hot days.  I am so ready for Spring/Summer to get here.  I just want to get ready for pool days and days at the beach!  Baby M went to the beach in Aruba while he was still just my lil “jellybean” but I want him to be able to put his toes in the sand and feel the water between those toesies.  He loves the water and we all  know he gets that from his mommy!!!   hahaha


peplum dress – H&M (Similar here) | shoes – Jessica Simpson via (Sold Out) | blazer – Vintage  | sunnies – RayBans c/o SmartBuyGlasses  | watch – Michael Kors








So that brings us to this fabulous coral peplum dress that I purchased from H&M last Summer.  I am just now getting around to wearing it.  I purchased it right after Baby M was born so I still have that baby belly in effect so I couldn’t quite rock it yet.  I also was a newbie at breastfeeding, so I was always wearing convenient tops or wrap dresses for easier access.  Now that I am a breastfeeding pro, I know how to unzip the back to take an arm out and still be in any piece of clothing.  hahahhaa Yes y’all, I’m a PRO now.  LOL! LOL!



And these SHOES!!  I have literally had these shoes FOR-EVER.  You might remember when I wore them for the very 1st time here.  It’s ashame that this it only my 2nd time wearing this GORGEOUS shoe, but that’s how it is sometimes.  Especially when you have a closet full of shoes!  SMH!!  Oh yeah, if you are a size 7.5-8.5, I am going to sell some of my shoes and clothes guys.  I’ll give you all the deets soon, but I have GOT to clean out my closet AGAIN to make room for some new items since nothing fits me anymore, plus I just need to purge my closet.  So I’ll keep you all posted on Shopping My Closet!!!  :)

Do you love wearing Dresses?



Spring 2013 Trends…Black & White + Stripes



Black and White!!!  Y’all know those are my favorite colors in the universe!  My wedding colors were black and white, my dog is black and white, photos in my house are in black and white and all of my linens are white!!!  So I think you can see how obsessed I am with these two colors. LOL  You can imagine how I felt when I saw the Black &  White trend for Spring 2013.  ::happy dance::  Beyonce even took to the trend wearing a black and white pantsuit by Osman Yousefzada to the Grammy’s. 


dress – Macy’s (Similar here, here, and here) | vegan leather jacket – Old | booties – KLS -Old | bag – Coach
lippie – Milani Black Cherry


I have tons and tons of black and white pieces in my closet.  I attended an event last weekend, that I will share with you all later this week, and I opted to go with this black and white dress that I purchased from Macy’s.  Isn’t it the cutest.  I opted to pair it with a vegan leather jacket since the weather is a bit chilly and I put a bit of an edgy spin on it with the booties.  I can’t wait to wear it once the weather warms up and wear it with sandles.  How FABULOUS is this lip?  I have to THANK my girl Eboni for this one.  I’ve been trying to get into more color on my lips. I am in love with the matte lipsticks and I went out and bought like 6 tubes.  But I saw Eboni wear this on her blog so I went out and bought it… Talk about GORGEOUS!  I LOVE THIS LIPPIE!!!!!  I wish I would have gotten an up close look, but don’t worry I will be wearing it lots more!!!  The Hubs said I looked “exotic” when I wore it. hahhahaha  That must mean  he loves it!!  hahahhaa

black-and-white-trend black-and-white-trend black-and-white-trend black-and-white-trend


Are you loving this Black and White trend as much as I am?




 Hi lovelies!!!  How are you?  I know I said I would post once a week, well as you can see, that hasn’t been going very well.  LOL  I’ve just been enjoying every bit of my pregnancy with hubby and just can not get in the mood to blog as often as I’d like to.  It’ll get better, don’t worry.  So it is FINALLY S.P.R.I.N.G!!  Yay!!!!!  As you know, I love me the sun and the water so I have been loving the last few weeks.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  Hubby and I also went on a 10 day vacation. We went to Turks and Caicos, Aruba, Dominican Republic and Curacao… talking about total relaxation!!!!   It was absolutely fabulous and we went with some of our fabulous, great friends.  Of course, I did outfit pictures so stay tuned for those…

dress – Swaped from ATL Swapnista Day Party 2011│leopard flats -TJ Maxx; Similiar │bag – COACH│watch – Shock Boutique│red skinny belt – TJ Maxx; Similiar  


 I wore this outfit last week for the 1st day of Spring.  If you didn’t know… YELLOW is the haute color trend this Spring.  So if you don’t have any yellow, run now and get something yellow in your life! hahaha  I have so many yellow items in my closet, I decided upon wearing this.  I snatched this beauty up at the Swapnista Day Party last year and never got around to wearing it.  I’ve been trying to find things inmy closet that I can still fit and still look great on  me with my growing belly and this dress fit the bill.  I think I may get a few more wears out of it before I get any bigger. LOL  Even though I’ve bought a few maternity items, I am still anti maternity clothes!  LOL

I decided to pair it with a red skinny belt and leopard flats.  Don’t worry ladies, I have still been rocking my heels but I wanted to go flat with this look.  The leopard flats just complete the look. 

 JellyBean is growing!! 


 So tell me,  Have you broke out your YELLOW yet????


ready for spring

Hi lovebugs!  Thank you all so so very much for all your Congrats and kind words.  You all are AWESOME and I so appreciate each one of you.  So who watched the SuperBowl?  I was actually rooting for the Patriots, but I just had a feeling that NY was going to win.  I bet it was a PARTY  in NY last night.   I know the city was just bananas!  Good job to the Giants!!! 

These last couple of weeks have been amazing here in Atlanta.  We’ve been in the mid to high 60’s, which is amazing in February.  I don’t think we’ve had much of a Winter.  We have out cold nights and mornings, but for the most part the weather during the day is just beautiful.  I try to still dress in layers, just because I don’t want to catch a cold.  As a preg person, meds are a no no.  So rather than be miserable with colds, I try to keep the colds away…far away!  

SCARF- won at a babyshower│TOP- h&m│PANTS- ASOS MATERNITY (sold out)│SHOES – christian siriano from Payless Shoes │WHITE BUTTON UP SHIRT- thrifted│Honesty bracelets│Gold Watch – shock boutique│earrings – Claire’s


I wore this outfit last week to the office.  I told myself that I WOULD NOT purchase any maternity clothes, but its been so hard just because NONE of my pants fit me.  I mean NONE! ahhahaa  I’ve tried the belly band but its just not comfortable to me with my jeans and/or any pants that button up.  So my materrnity go to store has been ASOS.  I’ve been shopping SALE items because I just don’t see spending a lot of money on maternity pants when I won’t get a lot of use out of them.  I do try to buy items that aren’t so “maternity” looking and that I can still wear after the baby comes.  The only thing maternity I am actually wearing are the pants.  I’m still in my same size, I just need some tummy room.  Jelly Bean seems to be growing each day.  I am loving being pregnant and can’t wait to meet him/her. 

So I’ve been feeling absolutely wonderful besides being exhausted.  That’s totally normal though, after all I am growing  a person. :-)  Hubby and I started our Registry and it was soooo overwelming.  It is so much that we need.  My daughter is 17 so its been 17 years since I’ve had to buy anything for babies besides for my god-children and friends/cousins babies.  We need everything from a crib to bottles.  I am enjoying every bit of it and just basking in it all.  I totally felt the baby move today.  I mean it was a swift kick too.  WOW!   The first item I did purchase were these Uggs… Aren’t they adorable???? 

Infant UGG


the dog bite

military jacket-H&M│top-Armani Xchange│cargos-TJ Maxx│wedges-BCBG│ring-Charlotte Russe│watch-Shock Boutique│necklace-Mother'sDay gift from daughter

I hope everyone had a Happy Monday!!   If you are a frequent reader, you remember that a couple weeks ago, I was bitten by a dog.  It’s still surreal to me, but it indeed happened.  This is actually the outfit I had on and was in the park doing my photoshoot for.   I can laugh about it now, but at no means was it funny.  It was all but funny while I was going through the recovery process.  So, let me begin…

I went to the park as I usually do at lunch time.  There is usually noone even in the park most days.  It’s a very small park and  the park hosts a lot of small outdoor weddings because the scenery is just so nice and  it has such an intimate setting.  Anywho, I was actually done with my photoshoot and carrying my tripod and camera back to my car.  I didn’t even think twice as I saw the gentleman walking towards me with his 2 Boston Terriers.  I’m by no means afraid of dogs.  I grew up with them and love dogs.  I’ve  had pit bulls (that were such babies and by no means mean at all) and I currently have a 6lb Shih Tzu, so as you can see, I am no stranger to dogs.  So the guy walks past me and I say, “Hello” and he speaks back and the next think I know, his dog jumps on my leg and attacks me.  I’m like, “What the hell? Your damn dog just bit me?” LOL  Those were my exact words!!!! LOL  I was just so shocked, because I have NEVER EVER EVER had this happen to me in my life. LOL (well… when I was younger a dog tried to bite me in my butt..LOL But thats another story for another day LOL LOL).   The guy looks at me and says, “I’m sorry.”  But his attitude was just like, what do you want me to do.  He wasn’t as apologetic as he could have been.  You know?  So I say I need to get his information, he’s not cooperative.   He was an elderly gentleman so I didn’t argue with him.. I was raised to treat my elders with respect. LOL  So I just wrote down his license plate number.  I drove back to work and immediately called the police.  So the police comes out, takes my report and tells me I have to call Animal Control.  I call Animal Control and they tell me because the bite happened in one county and I live in another county, I had to come into the location so they could verify the bite.  So I drive to Animal Control and file a report with them.  They tell me they will quarantine the dog for 10 days to be sure the dog doesn’t have Rabbies.  They told me that they hadn’t had a Rabbies case in the state of GA in over 5 years.  So that made me feel pretty good but I still thought to myself, I had the bad luck to get bitm it would be just my luck that this dog would have Rabbies, so I was still worried.  I went to my Dr. and she checked out the bite and told me I had an infection and then I had to get on antibiotics.  I also had to get a Tetnas shot in my arm that left my arm sore for 3 days.  Then the antibiotics that I was on, had side effects and would you know, I experienced 95% of the side effects.  I don’t know what was worse, the dog bite or the side effects from the antibiotic.  Uggghhhh  But today I can say I am back to 100% and you wouldn’t even have known I was bit by a dog if I didn’t tell you. LOL  I know for sure, that was a day that I will never forget.  I still have a love for dogs, but I will say… when it comes to Boston Terriers, I will be a little bit more reserved and give them that ::side eye:: and one better not come near me! LOL

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #12

So I bought 2 more shoes this weekend so my shoe count total is now up to 94.  So I’ve been knocked back a few and have 82 more to go.  I also actually bought 2 more pair online but I haven’t received those yet so I won’t count them until I physically have them!!!   WOW!  I guess you can call me a SHOEAHOLIC as well as a SHOPAHOLIC!  hahahahahaha  If you’d like, you can still participate in the challenge.  You just will have a late start but will still have to wear all your shoes by February 14, 2012. 


As you can tell I was having such a good time with this shoot too!  LOL  Oh yeah, the dog tore my pants too…  I might have been more worried about my pants than my leg. LOL LOL



blazer-Thrifted (Colors of Bennetton)│top-H&M│skinny belt-TJ Maxx│pants-NY&Company│shoes-Bakers(old)│sunglasses-Chanel│watch-Shock Boutique│bracelet-Express

 TGIF!!!!!  Well not quite, but almost! LOL  I’m excited because next week is SPRING BREAK!!  WoooHooo!  I’m glad I’m feeling a lot better and I’m finally adjusting to the medication after almost a week.  Glad I take the last pill on Monday!  I am happy about that!!!  The dog that bit me is currently in quarantine so it can be monitored to be sure it did not have Rabbies.  Animal Control did call me today and said the dog was current on its shots so I don’t think I’ll have any issues in that area.  I still have a love for dogs,  I’m just trying to turn such a negative situation into a positive one.  One bad dog won’t spoil it for the others.  ::smiles::

This is another late photo post (don’t judge me LOL!!!)  Better late than never, right?  I wore this last week when we had 80 degree weather and tons of sunshine.  I can’t say that we are STILL getting that weather because its been in the 50’s and rainy every single day this week. 

I loved this top so much when I saw it at H&M that I just had to have it.  I even got it in a size too big but it totally still worked.  I just put a skinny belt with it (and you know how I love to belt things) and topped it off with a black blazer and it totally worked.  For those of you who follow “fashion rules” you can go ahead and break out the white pants!  You know I break all rules and believe you can wear white whenever you want.  Speaking of white… I’m on the hunt for a white blazer!  I just gotta have one in my life for Spring/Summer. 

SSC #10

I finally hit shoe #10 for the Shoeper Shoe Challenge (SSC) that I am participating in.  WoooHooo!!!  Now I only have 82 more pair to go….still a ways to go but 10 is good so far, right? LOL  My shoe count has gone up because I have gotten 2 pairs of new shoes since I started the challenge in February.


Jumpsuit…jump jump

jumpsuit-H&M / pumps-BCBG / sunglasses-A.B.S / watch-Shock Boutique $30 / bracelet-Express / ring-Charlotte Russe

WOW!  What a beautiful day today was.  It hit 88 degrees here in Atlanta.  I hate to keep telling you how nice it is here  because I know there are places that are still getting ice, snow or cold weather.  Sorry!  I just LOVE the sun so much it just makes me so happy and it feels so good.  No, seriously, I REALLY love the sun.  LOL  Call me a weirdo, but if you know me, then you know I love the sun, sorta like a fat kid loves cake! AND I am dead serious.  You’ll learn to find out there are some weird things about me.  3 words… the sun, fresh tar, and gasoline.  I’ve already told you about the sun, one day I will share with you my obsession with fresh tar and gasoline. LOL  That’s another topic for another day! Ha Ha

This is one of the jumpsuits that I bought at H&M over the weekend and I absolutely love it on.  I opted to wear it with pumps today.  I also had on a black blazer but I didn’t wear it in any of my shots because it was just too darn HOT outside.  I even slipped off my pumps and walked around barefoot in the grass.  I so enjoyed today.  It’s the small things in life that satisfy me and walking barefoot with the grass between my toes and the sun beating on my skin, was just heaven to me!!!!

P.S.  I totally forgot!  You all know I am participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, well I’ve added a new pair of shoes to my collection so my shoe count now goes to 91.  Whew!!  I still got a lot of shoe wearing to do.  These don’t count in these shots because they’ve already been saved!!