dancing in the RAIN

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This is going to be a really short post.  I’m feeling a little under the weather… You see, I was bitten by a dog on Friday while I was in the park doing my photoshoot.  I’ll explain more in detail when I post that outfit and what a story do I have to tell.  To sum it up, I had to call the police to get the dog owners info and file a report, then had to go to Animal Control to be sure the dog is up to date on shots, etc, etc.  I had to get a tetanus shot booster since I hadn’t had one within the past 10 years and I am now on antibiotics because of an infection in my leg where the dog bit me.  So it apparently wasn’t only a mean dog, but a dirty nasty dog too!  LOL  The PITS, I know!  So you can only imagine, I am HOT at this guy and especially this dog.  LOL  But I’ve had some serious side effects from the shot and antibiotics, so that’s the main reason I’m not feeling too well.  Hubby has been awesome and so sweet in taking good care of me!!!

This outfit is an old outfit I wore a couple weeks ago but I thought it was fitting to post today since we have been getting some horrible, rainy, gloomy weather.  I guess its payback from all the 80 degree weather we had a couple weeks ago when all other states were having COLD and ICEY weather. LOL   Remember, you can always look stylish even on those rainy, gloomy days.   Rain Boots are an accessory and are oh so HAUTE!!!

3/31/11 UPDATE – These are #11 of my Shoeper Shoe Challenge.  I don’t know how I forgot to count them.  LOL


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21 Responses to dancing in the RAIN

  1. Janda says:

    Cute look chic!!! So sorry to hear about your dog-biting incident…BAD BAD DOG & DOG OWNER!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Krystle says:

    My goodness, where to even start??!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE you were bit by DOG! I would have been FURIOUS!! You poor thing! This is like something out of a movie! OMG. Wow. That’s all I have is WOW. I hope you recover very soon, my dear! And I hope all of your medical expenses are being taken care of my MR. Nasty Dog Owner. Yuck!

    Um, I am fairly certain I would never be able to pull off rain boots the way you do! You made them look amaze! Now it’s you and I think Eboni from “The Fashionista Next Door,” that may be the only two I’ve seen really make them work. Keep workin’ it, girl!

    Feel better soon!!

    Krystle recently posted..Fit Tuesday Ah- PUSH it!

    • chareelenee says:

      Thanks so much Krystle. It def felt like I was in a movie while all this happened! LOL It was so surreal. I STILL can’t believe it!

      Girl you could most DEF pull off rain boots. You should give it a try and i guarantee you, you will be wishing for rain just so you can wear your boots! LOL

  3. Shermell says:

    OMG you had a ruff one! But I am so glad you are still FAB even if you dont feel well. I am wishing you a quick recovery and back to your old self:)

  4. Oh no that’s awful and I love dogs! Their mouths are usually clean too LOL OK bad joke. Hope you feel better
    Michelle Howard recently posted..Dump Those Expired Beauty Products

  5. Eboni Ife' says:

    O-M-G! I can’t even believe you got BIT BUY A DOG!!! I am so sorry! you take care of yourself over there.

    Love those wellies girl, and that blazer is HAUTE!
    Eboni Ife’ recently posted..Affordable Scarves “Madison Print Scarf”

  6. Corie says:

    You were bitten by a dog?! Well feel better.

    That’s crazy. But your outfit is cute and perfect for our rainy weather.
    Corie recently posted..LOOKBOOK Tuesday

  7. Ashley says:

    Loving this look but I especially love the pictures!!! You seem like you had a fun time in the rain lol
    Ashley recently posted..2 for 1- OOTD What to wear to a wedding in the Spring

  8. Marquita says:

    Aww Charee…I hope you get well soon! I’m just in shock! That is so crazy. Well I know hubby got you :)

    Love the red jacket..the whole fit…my favorite color is red..hehe! It’s so bold…”Look at Me Now” :)

  9. Loving this look the red blazer and rain boots styled perfectly not a look you’d expect from a girl who was recently bitten by a dog. I’m so glad you’re okay. ***good looking out hubby!
    Nothing Ordinary Style recently posted..Bad Weather- really bad!

  10. Simply Chic says:

    i absoltly love this look! simple and chic…just the way i like it.

    that is sooooooo horrible abt the dog. i’m really sorry to hear that. i never think of things like that happening in real life :-/

  11. Bajan Beauty says:

    Sorry to hear about the dog bite, I can’t even imagine. I love these pics you look really cute. I have never owned a pair of rain boots. Considering the rainy season is approaching Miami, I should invest in some, lol.
    Bajan Beauty recently posted..Cute Kimono

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