Grey, White & “Red Bottoms”

                                                   H&M white blazer ǀ Random jumpsuit & ring ǀ Tiffany bracelet ǀ Christian Louboutin pumps 

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!!  What an awesome weekend it was!!  Did you all have a FAB weekend too?  The Fashionable Atlanta Blogger Meetup was Saturday and it was a HUGE success.  I met so many lovely ladies and it was so great to finally meet some of the FAB Bloggers that I’ve met through the blogosphere.  Talk about a room full of women that live, think and breathe…  ALL THINGS FASH!ON.  I’ll talk more about it later, but be sure to head over to the FASHIONABLE ATLANTA Facebook page to view some of the pictures uploaded by many of the bloggers in attendance!  I had so much fun in being apart of planning this FAB event!! 

Now to the OUTFIT, I wore this outfit yesterday.  It was actually nice throughout the morning, then the rain hit about 1:00pm and stopped just long enough for me to get these shots in.  Before I was done, the sky became grey again and the rain started again.  By the time I left the office, the sky was back cleared and the sun was shining its beautiful face again.  BUT, then around 7pm, it POURED again and pretty much stayed that way all night. LOL  I’m just happy the sky cleared up long enough for me to take these shots. LOL


I love this jumpsuit.  I actually have had it a couple years, but it never gets old to me.  I don’t even remember where I bought it.  I think at a random flea market, but I just can’t remember.  It’s so comfy and I love how I can dress it up AND wear it casual too.  I love versatile clothing, if you haven’t realized that already. LOL

I thought this picture turned out so cool.  I look like I’m glowing!!!  LOL  I guess the lighting and the way the sun was beaming on me, left this cool effect. Hubby says, my guardian angel was hovering over me!!  **smiles**

Now lets get to the shoes… You ALL know how I feel about “Red Bottoms” aka Christian Louboutins.  My motto is: Who says DIAMONDS are a girls best friend.. give me Louboutins!!!!!   I love ‘em and I think every woman should splurge atleast ONCE just to have a pair in their closet.  LOL LOL  These are my only pair, but I will be getting another pair, SOON! hehehe  HOPEFULLY, anyway! hahhaha 

Have a Fabulous week lovelies!!!  SMOOCHES!!!!

 Don’t forget to head over to the FASHIONABLE ATLANTA Facebook page.  If your in Atlanta, be sure to sign up too so you know about all the fab events going on!!!


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15 Responses to Grey, White & “Red Bottoms”

  1. LOOOVE it!! :] The outfit is cute too, I’ve been trying to find a cute romper/jumpsuit for myself.

  2. Vanessa says:

    The heels are so cute, but let’s talk about that ring! Where’d you get that from???

  3. Dee says:

    awesome……………… it. looking fly as usual. xx

  4. Cute fit! classic! I am so jello you have some Loubs! I plan on getting some by Christmas or maybe New Years…. I can’t wait. I want the Nude Patent ones : )

  5. alicia says:

    love the ‘fit chica! so classic….i definitely need that H&M white blazer.

  6. Corie says:

    Love your outfit and those shoes are hot!!

    Again, I really hate that I couldn’t make it to the event. You all look like you had so much fun.

  7. KayCee says:

    Nice outfit…I don’t understand how some ladies could say they hate rompers and jumpsuit suits. They are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe.

  8. Love the jumpsuit and the shoes are to die for. You look gorgeous. A little jealous of your white jacket because I haven’t been able to find the perfect one for me yet :(!

  9. So happy to hear the meetup went fabulously! your shoes are so amazing…I love that you paired the jumper with a blazer – so chic i love it!

  10. Mattie says:

    Love this look! These animal print Louboutins are fabulous :) My favorite part of the outfit though are the white blazer. Very summer chic. Sounds like Fashionable ATL was a blast! Wish we could have met but I’m sure we’ll cross paths soon & I’ll be at the next one! Promise. xo

  11. Marina says:

    You look so pretty!! Great heels doll.

    <3 Marina

  12. Lynn says:

    U werrrked this outfit! And, I agree… the picture does look like you are glowing and surrounded by Angels!!!! :))

  13. SHANDA says:

    TOO CUTE! You broke out the Louboutins on us! don’t hurt us. hahha

  14. Toya says:

    I LOVE this look. The jumper is so HAWT!! And the shoes, i die!!!

  15. Shasie says:

    This jumper is so cute on you! And I love how you style it with the blazer and shoes!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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