how do you feel about faux fur?

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What is faux fur?!?!  It's simply just "fake fur" and its hitting the Fashion scene in a major way!!   I am absolutely loving the idea!   The faux fur vests keep you


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3 Responses to how do you feel about faux fur?

  1. Couture Carrie says:

    Love them, and loving the new blog, too!


  2. Charee Lenee' says:

    Thanks so much Couture Carrie!! Thanks for your support!

  3. GoldenRule says:

    Charee I like the cargo look because it allows me to be comfy while simultaneously being stylish! Now to answer your question I do lime how the faux fur is stylish but never thought to accessorize it with re cargo material!! As much as I like vest I will have to add the faux fur to my wardrobe to alllow for a different look! Great site by the way!!!!

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