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Project 52|Week 2: Morning


It’s week 2 of Lipgloss & Binky’s Project 52 and this week it was all about “Morning”.  I am by no means a morning person…Like NO MEANS!!!  The #2 key ingredient to get my day started each day is COFFEE (#1 is my Baby M- I have to get my day started, no matter what, just for him)!!!  All I need is 1 cup and I am all good.  But I don’t just drink ANY cup of coffee.  Yes, I love a Grande Caramel Macchiato with extra whip and extra caramel drizzle or a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with extra whip and extra drizzle from Starbucks, but sometimes, I just want to make my own Starbucks at home.


There are 3 ingredients you need to make this delicious Charee Leneé version. HAHAHA  I love how these photos turned out.  I used the tip that Lipgloss & Binky suggested.  Head over to her site to see the great photography tips she gave…

project 52 week 2 project 52 week 2 project 52 week 2 project 52 week 2Now, don’t you want a cup?  Mmmmmmmmm!



bebe + girls night out



Hi loves.  I hope ya’ll had a great weekend!  My weekend was very chilled.  Baby M had to get a small procedure done at Children’s Hospital last week.  Even though the procedure wasn’t anything serious, as a Mommy, I was a wreck!!!  Children’s Hospital was AWESOME and they made the Hubs and I us feel so much at ease.  The nurses were all so very nice.  I mean they were just all so accomodating and so very very attentive to our needs, concerns, and questions.  Anyway, Baby M is doing great and healing perfectly.  What should have taken 10 days, has only taken less than a week. My baby is a CHAMP! lol

A few weeks ago, my girl Eboni, hosted a Girls Night Out at Bebe.  It was a much needed GNO and was so much fun!  We even rode in a limo to the event!  WOW!!

(LtoR) MiMi, Eboni, Tia and Me   P.S. Trina & Jazmine were there too but y’all know how Atlanta traffic is!!!

Photo Credit:  Jazmine

 I wanted to wear comfortable shoes because I just wasn’t feeling up to wearing heels.  I found these really cute boots at TJ Maxx while browsing.  They are super comfy and stylish too.  I love the detail, thats what sold me!   I’m still rocking the Au Natural.  I must say, I am really loving it guys.  I am embracing my curls and I have stocked up on all kinds of products.  So far, everything I have bought, has done my hair good.  My newest purchase is Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  OMG, when I tell you I LOVE THIS STUFF… I mean it!!!   I am going to do a video… I so want to share everything to all you other  natural hair virgins.  I am missing my straight hair so I think I will go ahead and make me a hair appt and wear my hair straight for a week or two.  LOL LOL

 polka dot dress- Old (Similar here) |orange leather jacket – Nordstrom Rack (Similar here and here)|boots & bag- TJ Maxx

I am so ready for Thursday to get here.  I usually go home to Ohio, but this year I am staying here in Atlanta.  I’m cooking a BIG dinner.  I’m not really a fan of Turkey so we just bought a fresh Turkey breast that the Hubs will fry.  If you have never had a fried Turkey, you do not know what you are missing.  I’m also making Greens, Mac&Cheese, Stuffing (yes, HOMEMADE), & Sweet Potatoes. I’m also making a Peach Cobbler and I bought a Sweet Potatoe pie.  I’ve got skillz but I haven’t ventured to make a sweet potatoe pie just yet…maybe next year! hahaha I am ready to EAT EAT EAT!!!

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What are your plans for the Holiday?


monochromatic color love

Hi loves.  How was your weekend?  The hubs and I took Baby M to the pumpkin patch and just chilled and rested.  It has gotten COLD here in Atlanta.  I had to go on and turn the heat on.  I want this Fall/Winter to hurry up and leave just as fast as it came. hahaha  Ya’ll know I HATE the cold!!!    

Source: whowhatwear

Monochromatic….what the heck is that, you ask?  Well, the dictionary definition is:  mon·o·chro·mat·ic (m n -kr -m t k). adj. 1. Having or appearing to have only one color And wikipedia’s definition is: all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hueIn a nut shell, you basically wear the same colors but in different shades.  So don’t put those colors away just yet, have fun!!!  Don’t be afraid to wear color this Fall/Winter.

pants – H&M (Similar) ● sweater – J Crew (Similar or Similar or Similar) ● nude pumps – Just Fab “Aurora” (Similar) ● scarf – TJ Maxx (Similar)  ●watch – Michael Kors ● bag – COACH (Similar)


Are you going to wear more color this Fall/Winter?



Baby M + The Snappy Diva

Hi loves. It’s almost Friday!!! That gives you a little bit of motivation that this week is nearing an end.  LOL  I’m so sorry this is going to be a quick post.  Baby M turned 4 months old yesterday and today we have to go get shots!  :(  I am so not looking forward to it either!!  Uggghhh 

So last week baby M got his 3 month pictures taken by The Snappy Diva.  As you know, she also photographed my maternity pictures, my babyshower, and Baby M’s newborn pictures.   I love her photography so much because she loves doing natural posing.  She loves natural lighting and natural settings.   Here are a few of my favorite shots from his 3 month shoot. 

Images by The Snappy Diva

Images by The Snappy Diva

Images by The Snappy Diva

 I can’t wait for his 6 month shoot.  It is going to be so fun to share these pictures with Baby M when he gets older.  if your looking for photography in the Atlanta area, be sure to contact The Snappy Diva for all of your photography needs.  She even comes to your home!!!  A major plus when you have an infant!  :)

The Snappy Diva


Phone: 404-667-2232 



naturally glam + glamour girls day spa

Hi loves!  Wow!  I had a full weekend of nothing but events to attend!!!!  Friday night the hubs and I went to a Birthday party, Saturday I attended the Shop a Blogger’s Closet and a Graco Baby event at Babies R Us and yesterday attended an event that my girl Trina hosted.  Today, I’m chilling all day and not doing a thing…besides blogging!  I hope you all had a great fun filled weekend as I did.

So yesterday my girl, Trina, hosted a FABULOUS event, Naturally Glam Mommy + Me Hair Affair.  As you know, my baby girl is 18, so I brought along my baby cousin, London, who is 4 years old and FULL of personality.  She’s practically my baby girl too, I love her as if she was my own.  I was going to bring Baby M with me just to hang out but after the day progressed, I decided to just leave him home with Daddy watching football  (YES, he is already a football fan…LOL).  London walked a pink carpet where paparazzi snapped her picture, got her nails polished, did karaoke, played dress up, did arts and crafts and ate pizza and cupcakes.  She even did a quick interview on our ride back to her house to tell me what was the most fun and to send out a Thank You!!

 According to her mom, she talked about this event even after I dropped her off at home!!!  She is just too CUTE!!!!

Trina AKA Baby Shopaholic & London

Talk about a 4 year old DREAM!  She had so much fun.  There was also some great natural hair tips and advise to all the mommies there and a Man Cave for the Daddy’s too.  I hear all the moms received a full size 4 Naturals sample, but I must have missed out  on that part when I went downstairs to check on London and get pictures of her spa day. DO get a full size sample!!!! (Thank you Trina!!!!!)  I’ll be sure to review it for ya”ll.  I already know I’ma love it!  Now, maybe ya”ll can see me in my natural state & not always in a blow out!  Hehehehe  Get more information on the Glamour Girls Day Spa here

How was your weekend?


Jazz Brunch

H&M-pants, top, blazer, assorted bracelets│Guess-shoes│Michael Kors-wrap belt│Shock Boutique-watch│necklace-Vintage


I hope you all had a FAB weekend!  I enjoyed time with the family and great friends.  Last weekend, I attended FAMU (Florida A&M University) Jazz Brunch with my great friend Felix. I go every year to show my support.  (I’m an OSU alumni)  The people are great, the food is great, and the young adults that are so blessed to receive scholarships from this University.  To see how grateful and humbled they are is the best part for me.  Also, to see how happy these young adults are that their hard work has paid off.

I had been on the hunt for a white blazer and I came across one at H&M a couple weeks ago while shopping the Conscious Collection.  I bought a lot of items in the collection actually, but the white blazer was by far, my best item purchased.

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #16

It seems like I just can’t get out of the 80’s with my shoe count. LOL  I bought yet another pair of shoes over the weekend so my count goes up AGAIN… *sigh*  I have to keep reminding myself that it has only been 2.5 months since the Shoe Challenge began, so I think I’m still ahead of the game.  LOL  I won’t change my count though until I receive them, as usual.

So are you all getting excited about the ROCK IT ROLL IT challenge?  Don’t forget to head over to Fashion Du Jour Daily to enter the Style Challenge to have a chance to win a $50 shopping spree sponsored by MiMi Boutique …Stay tuned too see how I’m going to  ROCK IT & ROLL IT!