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I’m having writers block tonight, so this is going to be a really quick post.  I’ve been super duper busy so I’ve been up late each night this week trying to schedule posts, but I am still really getting the hang of WP.  I have to actually put in a little bit if time with doing my posts, so I end up spending about 4-5 hours each night editing pictures and working on my posts.  I don’t mind because blogging is what keeps me sain!  LOL  Once I start, I have to literally drag myself off and make myself get some beauty sleep.  Yep, I said it, I still need my beauty sleep!  LOL

Today I took my shots at lunch, as I usually do, and sometimes there are people around but for the most part, there usually isn’t anyone around.  It was different today.  There was one guy, who I think was just on his lunch hour doing a little excercise.  He just kept walking around and around and kept coming in the area that I was trying to take shots in.  I think he wanted to just sit down and watch me take my shots. LOL  I’m so used to taking my shots now with my tripod that I don’t even pay any attention anymore when people are around.  I did keep my eye on him though!  Because its so cold outside, I keep my car running while I walk all around the park looking for areas to get great shots, so when I’m done and  hop back in the car, its nice and toasty inside. 

So today I decided to wear a pair of wool pants.  I like these because they are lined, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to wear them because they would irritate the heck outta my skin.  Wool is so itchy to me and I can hardly ever wear it, but I have these and a few other pair that are exceptions.  I bought these pumps from Wild Pair about 2-3years ago, but I love them because I love the different fall/winter colors that are in the shoe.  It’s just such a great winter shoe.  I wore socks instead of tights, because I just can’t wear tights with pants.  It just feels weird to me… call me crazy!  LOL  The only time I’m wearing tights, is if I have on a dress or skirt, never will you see me with tights on with pants..Uh Uh NO WAY!  hahahaa      I completed the look with my Chanel shades.  I’ve had them for awhile now (maybe 4-5 yrs).  I don’t wear them often because I like the bigger sunglasses and I just haven’t had a chance to find a great pair of Chanel shades that I like that are oversized but I have been on the look out for a new pair of shades.  I do need a pair of Ray-Ban’s because I don’t have a pair…can you beleive it?

 Here, I was all bundled up before I started to take off layers for diferent shots.  LOL