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What’s In My Diaper Bag… Part II



Hi lovelies!  Remember here when I said I’d show you what was in my diaper bag?  Well, here we go…  Since having Baby M, I am always looking to find what is the best products out there for him.  I mean, I want him to have the best, as every mother does for her child, right?  This is my take on the best things I have found to be the best for me and some things I think are some must have items if you have a little one.  The older he gets, I am sure I will discover new things that I most def will share with you also.  I’m just going to give you my top 5 items because otherwise, we’d be here all day! haha  I have EVERYTHING in my diaper bag! hahahaha

1. Diapers!  I love love love Huggies Pure and Natural.  I’ve still been using Pampers brand, that were given to me as gifts before Baby M was born, but I will only purchase the Huggies.  I just like the Huggies better.  I also have some Target brand, but I haven’t used those yet, but I do plan on comparing them  (I’ll let you know what I think).  Baby M is still in size 1, he was 13 lbs at his 4 month appt. he’ll be in size 2 soon, but he is still in the 1’s for now.


2. Wubba Nub! I Love This Thing & Baby M does too!  Why do I like it so much?  For one, I think its the cutest thing ever.  That counts for something, right?  LOL  I actually really like how it stays in his mouth.  The paci is attached to a small stuffed animal that allows the paci to stay put when he is sleeping or awake.  Baby M holds the giraffe in his tiny hands and rubs it.  It is just the best thing ever, if you ask me. 



3. Aden and Anais swaddles and burpie bibs!  These things are amazing!  They are 100% cotton and every time you wash, the softer they get.  My girlfriend asked me about these and I had no idea what they were.  Once I started going through unopened baby gifts, I had a few.  Ever since I used them, I swear by them and they are all I use.  They are great for swaddling.  Baby M doesn’t like to be swaddled, so I use them as a stroller cover up for his privacy, a blanket, and I use it for Tummy Time sometimes too.  Every time I go to the the baby store to get something, I make it a point to go ahead and grab a pack.  You can never have too many!

4.  BabyGanics Hand Sanitizing Wipes!  I like this product because it is all natural.  Since having Baby M, I am such a germaphobe.  He is 20 weeks old and has NEVER been sick with a cold or anything  (KNOCK ON WOOD).  I am constantly washing my hands and his too.  I use these wipes on his hands because small children will come up to him and grab his hands.  He is at that stage now where he is constantly putting his hands in his mouth. I wipe his hands off before he gets the chance to do it. 

5.  Gumdrop Pacifier Wipes!  I love these because I can wipe Baby M’s paci if it happens to fall on the floor.  I’m not always near a restroom where I can wash it off so these are awesome to carry in the diaper bag for convenience. 

So there you have it!!!  These are my TOP 5 faves to carry in the diaper bag. 

What are some of your favorite items?