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Fashion Uncorked 2013 – {Giveaway}



Happy Monday!!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Were you glued to the TV to watch the Super Bowl XLVII or waiting for half time for Beyonce’s performance?  I watched the game until I fell asleep, but I really was looking forward to Bey.  She killed it as usual, although for some reason, I was expecting MORE!  hahahaha  Overall, I think she did a GREAT job!  Oh yeah… what is all this I am reading online that she showed the illuminate sign???  Really?  I mean, COME ONE, she was just repping for her hubs “ROC Nation”!!  Anyway, CONGRATS to the Baltimore Ravens for winning! 


So you all know that Fashion Uncorked is hosting one of the BIGGEST fashion shows this weekend, right?  Fashion Uncorked is a design competition to benefit the children at Easter Seals North Georgia, Inc.  Guess what, I am giving away 2 FREE tickets to the event!!  That means 2 people have a chance to win a free ticket to this awesome event.  This giveaway is only for 2 days, so be sure to ENTER NOW!!!!  All you have to do is leave a comment below and follow us on Facebook to enter.  Good Luck!!!

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Fashion Uncorked 2013 Kick-Off Party



Smooches!!  I hope everyone had a FAB weekend!  Mine was busy busy busy.  Thursday’s event was a HUGE success and turn out.  I am so excited for the Fashion Show on February 9th from 7-10p.  You still have time to purchase tickets here.  Fashion Uncorked is a design competition to benefit the children at Easter Seals North Georgia, Inc.  You will not want to miss this event… trust me!!  Besides, it is for a great cause!!  I hosted the event along with fellow blogger, Oh Nikka.  It was my 1st event to host and it was sooooo much fun! 






 (LtoR Arkeedah, Nikka, Me, Trina & Tiffany

What I Wore:


leather pants & blouse – Thrifted | sequin jacket – Imperfect Concepts boutique | shoes – JustFab “Veda” | watch – Target | necklace worn as bracelet & earrings – H&M


Be sure to head here to see more photos from the event!  I didn’t have time to take outfit pictures before the event, so once I got home I had the daughter snap a couple!


Don’t forget to tune it to the Carrie Diaries, Based On The Prequel to “Sex & The City, on CW tonight at 8/7c.  Are you gonna watch?  I AM!



Easter Seals of GA + Fashion Uncorked



Fashion Uncorked Event Kick-Off Final 3Jan2013


Fashion Uncorked is a design competition to benefit the children at Easter Seals North Georgia, Inc.  If your in Atlanta, please come out on Thursday, January 10th from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Mezlan Shoes located in Phipps Plaza at 3500 Peachtree Rd.   I will be hosting, so I hope to see you there!  Be sure to come say Hi!!

This is a FREE event so make sure to RSVP here



Fashion Uncorked Grand Prize Winner, Angelica Cuervo

Grand Prize Winner, Angelica Cuervo

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the Grand Prize winner, Angelica Cuervo, for Fashion Uncorked.   Fashion Uncorked is a high profile design competition where 10 finalists had to create two looks, day and evening wear, with the inspiration from a piece of jewelry from A Clothes Encounter.    All proceeds went to benefit Easter Seals North Georgia.  

Angelica spoke to me about where she is from to her future goals and ambitions. 

Charee:  Hi Angelica!!   Tell me about yourself.  Where are you from?  What is your nationality?  Are you currently in school and are you doing fashion design full time?

 Angelica:  My name is Angelica Cuervo and I’m 20 years old. I’m Dominican but I was born in Germany and raised in Florida. No, I’m not currently in school and no I don’t design full time, at least for now.

Charee: What does fashion mean to you?

Angelica: Fashion, to me, is a way to express oneself as an individual.  You can tell a lot about someone’s personality just by looking at how they style themselves.

Charee: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

Angelica: Growing up I ALWAYS received hand-me-downs, and I hated it!  So in the fifth grade I started sketching my dream clothes, since then I’ve been into fashion design.  


1st design, pajama pants

Charee:  What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

Angelica:  First article of clothing that was actually wearable was my “sewing” pants (pajama pants)…I wear them every time I sew… my confidence pants hehehe 

Charee:  How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

Angelica:  To finish a garment all the way takes me at least two days the most a week.

 Charee:  Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.  Where do you get your inspiration for each piece you design?

Angelica:  There is no process, I get an idea I either sketch it or write it down, and they come randomly. I could be working, or doing something totally irrelevant to fashion, and I’ll have an idea. Inspiration can come from anything. But most of my inspiration comes from music. Weird. I know. But When I design I listen to music and when I sew I listen to music.

Glamorous Life Collection (models: Angelica Cuervo and Tanisha Choice)

Charee:  What are some of your accomplishments as an up and coming designer?

Angelica:  Well for starters I won Grand Prize in the Fashion Uncorked competition. Other than that I just a couple of hits to be a “personal” designer if you will, meaning when the client needs a gown or business suit for an upcoming event or meeting, I make it.


Fashion Uncorked winning designs by Angelica Cuervo


Charee:  Who are some of your favorite designers?  Do you look up to any designer in particular?

Angelica:  My ULTIMATE favorite designer is my mentor, Maurice Smith, and he is who I look up to. I like quite a handful of designers, all the way from Betsey Johnson to Issey Miyake. I respect all designers but I don’t want to be like them I want to be like me. Make sense?


Royal Heirs- Children Line (models: Trinity Pontoo, Angelica Cuervo, and Kailyn Lee)


Charee:  What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

Angelica:  Well the fabric of course and if it’s custom made, the construction as well. Most manufactured garments are constructed well but the fabric is not durable, meaning it doesn’t last one wash.

Charee:  You recently participated in Fashion Uncorked?  Was that your first fashion show/competition?  

Angelica:  Yuppers!!!  Fashion Uncorked was indeed my first Fashion competition. I have participated in a fashion show in Columbus, but I got ripped off.

 Charee:  I knew you were going to be the winner, just by seeing your beautiful designs on the Runway.  Were you shocked that you won the Grand Prize?  What were you feeling at the moment they called your name as the winner?

 Angelica:  Why thank you kindly! I was beyond shocked, I didn’t even realize there was a grand Prize winner. At first I didn’t realize she, Monica Pearson, called my name until my model Asia Monet was like “YOU WON!!!!!” then I got super excited. I tried not to cry.  

 Charee:  What exactly did you win? 

 Angelica:  I won a round trip ticket to New York City to shadow a designer for a few days.  

 Charee:  What are some of your future goals or ambitions and how do you think winning competitions, will help you in your career?

 Angelica:  Well winning the competition definitely brought my name and skills to the public, so I have people contacting me for that famous high waist, flare pants. I eventually plan on owning a small boutique somewhere in Atlanta.

 Charee:  How can Charee Lenee’ readers contact you and where can they find or purchase your designs?  

 Angelica:  I can be reached by email or cell, for right now, working on getting my own website.  I may not answer so please leave a detailed message or email me

Email: adcuervo08@gmail.com

Cell : 678-887-5279

Thank you so much Angelica for taking the time out of your schedule to let me interview you!!!  Angelica is such a sweetheart!  She is so very down to earth.  I will most definately be following her designs and will be getting a pair of those HAUTE orange high waisted pants.  ::smiles::  Be sure to contact Angelica for all your fashion needs!