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Kardashian Kollection Sweats + Heels



Hi lovelies!!!!  Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving, or if you don’t celebrate, did you have a great day?  I cooked, as I do everyday besides on weekends  & later that afternoon we hung out with great friends.  It was a very relaxing, filling day!  It was Baby M’s 1st T-Day, so of course there were lots of pictures taken!!!

Kardashian Kollection – sweatpants (Similar here) ● Bakers – shoes (old) ● GAP Maternity – shirt ● Swing Jacket – old (Similar here & here) ● F21 – earrings ● Quilted Clutch – old ● Michael Kors – watch

So I wore this outfit a few weeks back .  It was one of those days where I wanted to wear sweats but I also wanted to put on some heels.  You ever had one of those days?  I think as the weather gets colder, the next time I feel like sweats, I’m gonna throw on my faux fur vest too.  This particular day it was still a little warm, chilly but warm (if that makes any sense). LOL Of course, the Hubs was looking at me like I was some loony chic.  LOL  He was like, “What in the world do you have on?  No, Charee!  I don’t think so!!!”  hahhahahaha  Men, what do they know??? 

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Would you be caught out wearing sweats and heels???


black & white trend + kardashian kollection

Happy Monday dolls!  Did you have a great weekend?  I did!!!  :)  I’ve been having a lot of those lately.   Besides all the events that took place in Atlanta, I did take time out to do a little retail therapy, well A LOT!!  I so need to clean out my closet and purge through all the things I don’t wear, can’t fit (yes I have kept on a few pregnancy pounds) and things that are Summer/Spring wear.  I need to get it together and just put in my mind that it is officially Fall.  Boooooooooooo (thumbs down).  If you know me, you know I love my Summer.  I love the HEAT! hahaha  I can live in the sun and near water all year round if I could. 

 top-Kardashian Kollection ● skirt-Asos maternity ● watch-Michael Kors ● studded crossbody purse-TJ Maxx ● bracelet-Tiffany

Anyway, I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago to my girls baby shower.  Her daughter and my daughter are BFF’s, that’s actually how we met.  She is having a baby boy too and guess what her due date is… My birthday (10/10)!!! Yep, I’m a LIBRA!!  Any-who, she’s getting induced so her baby boy will be here some time this week!  Can’t wait to meet him and wouldn’t it be awesome if Mason and her little guy became BFF’s too?  I’m so glad that practically all of my girldfriends have had babies this year or late last year so that means LOTS of play dates for Mason!!

Lisa and I (she’s wearing Kardashian Kollection too)

Now I don’t normally purchase Kardashian Kollection just because (in my opinion) I think it is just too overpriced for Sears and just overpriced period!  The quality of the clothing is not very good, in my opinion!  Now, I will shop KK when there is a sale and I must say they had an awesome sale going on a few weeks back…up to 70% off.  This shirt was originally $78.00 and I got it for only $7.00 (SCORE)  When I washed it, the lettering did fade, but I still love the shirt.  I bought a few other pieces too, and I didn’t pay over $14.00 for any of the pieces.  Now thats how I like to shop KK.  While out I found thses fab Steve Madden suede loafers at Nordstrom.  This skirt is actually a maternity high waisted pencil skirt from Asos.  I just remixed it into a mini skirt.  LOL  I told ya’ll I was not playing about being anti maternity and only buying maternity clothes that I could still wear post-pregnancy without anyone knowing it was maternity.  Would you have known this skirt was maternity if I hadn’t told you???!?!? :) 


How do you feel about Kardashion Kollection?