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Project 52|Week 2: Morning


It’s week 2 of Lipgloss & Binky’s Project 52 and this week it was all about “Morning”.  I am by no means a morning person…Like NO MEANS!!!  The #2 key ingredient to get my day started each day is COFFEE (#1 is my Baby M- I have to get my day started, no matter what, just for him)!!!  All I need is 1 cup and I am all good.  But I don’t just drink ANY cup of coffee.  Yes, I love a Grande Caramel Macchiato with extra whip and extra caramel drizzle or a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with extra whip and extra drizzle from Starbucks, but sometimes, I just want to make my own Starbucks at home.


There are 3 ingredients you need to make this delicious Charee Leneé version. HAHAHA  I love how these photos turned out.  I used the tip that Lipgloss & Binky suggested.  Head over to her site to see the great photography tips she gave…

project 52 week 2 project 52 week 2 project 52 week 2 project 52 week 2Now, don’t you want a cup?  Mmmmmmmmm!



Breast Milk, The Best Milk



Hi loves!!!  I hope you had a great weekend!!  I had a BLAST this weekend!  I had family in town and events that I’ll fill you in on this week.    I’m going to go a little off topic today and going to share my story about Breastfeeding… 


ROSE (Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere), MomsRising and the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) are working together to publish “Blk BFing: Making HERstory”, a blog carnival focusing on breastfeeding and African American mothers in honor of Black History Month.  I am an African American woman breastfeeding currently, so I wanted to share my story and why it is so important to Breast Feed, if you are able! 

Breastfeeding is the best thing that you can do for your baby and at the same time it is the biggest sacrifice you will EVER make in your life.  When I was pregnant with my son, I knew I wanted to  give Breastfeeding a chance.  I knew I wanted to do it.  I did tons of research and read all about it.  One of the things in my birthing plan, was to immediately have skin on skin contact.  In doing my research, it was best to do this, it helped the baby but also helped in promoting breastfeeding.   When Baby M was born, I was able to immediately have skin on skin contact and he immediately began to nurse.  It was like he already knew what to do.  I already had this amazing bond with him, but once he began Nursing it was an indescribable bond IMMEDIATELY. 

How Your Partner Can Get Involved

Now don’t get me wrong, those first couple months were extremely HARD!!  My main concern was, “Oh Boy, I’m going to be up all night feeding the baby while the Hubs snoozes away”… LOL LOL  But you know what, the Hubs was so involved.  When Baby M would wake up for a feeding, he was there to go get him from his bassinet, change his diaper and hand him to me for feedings.  Once I was finished Nursing, the Hubs would burp him and lay him back down to sleep.  The cycle would start all over again when baby woke up again.  It was awesome!!  It was a great way to get the Hubs involved in those night feedings every 2 hours.   The Hubs also got involved with helping to massage my breasts to help with milk let down.  He was so supportive to me and helped every way that he could.  The first month was so hard because of the sore nipples, trying to get him to latch on correctly, and just pure exhaustion!  But you know what… Baby M is 7 months old now, still breastfeeding, and I would so go through the beginning months all over again. 

I plan to Nurse Baby M up until he is 12 months, and maybe a little bit more if he wants to, but my goal now is for the 1st  year.  It has been smooth sailing and I love Nursing my son.  I know he is getting the best nourishment from me and it helps me to eat healthy!!  He has only had 1 cold since birth and it was just a slight cold.  It only lasted a few days.  Other than that he hasn’t been sick at all.  I totally believe that breastfeeding had 100% to do with that.     

He has 2 teeth now and I was so concerned Nursing would be an issue , but I can tell you, it doesn’t even matter!!!!  It is no different just because he has teeth.  Although breastfeeding is a HUGE sacrifice, If you are able to, Please Do It!!  It is the best thing you can do for your little one!!  :)

Are you currently Breastfeeding, Plan to Breastfeed, or Have Breastfed your baby?  How did your partner help?


6 Months



A few weeks ago Baby M had his 6 month photo shoot by the amazing Snappy Diva.  As y’all know she is my family photographer and she has captured all those precious moments from maternity pictures to baby shower to Baby M’s 2 week shoot and 3 month shoot…  I’ve been getting his pictures taken every 3 months.  His next shoot will be at 9 months and lastly at 12 months.  I’ll then do them every year.  It is so amazing to see how much he has grown.  I’ve also been taking his pictures every month with my own personal camera.  I can’t wait until his 1st Birthday when I will do a collage of each month… I am surely to cry!!!  These past 6 months have been nothing but pure JOY! 


Photo Credit: Snappy Diva
Photo Credit: Snappy Diva

It wasn’t planned for me to be a SAHM after Baby M was born, but things just worked out that way and I am forever grateful for such a loving, hard-working and so supportive hubby.  He is the greatest!!! 

Did you take tons of pictures of your child(ren)?



Camo Pants + Stokke




camo pants – Target (Similar here | blouse – Boutique | leather jacket – Nordstrom Rack (Similar here and here) | shoes – Just Fab “Taylor” | watch – Michael Kors



Happy Friday!!!!  The weather has been in the mid 60’s for some reason.  I’m not complaining at all.  Baby M and I were able to get out to the park for a walk.  He is such a happy baby and loves being outdoors!   Everyone always asks me about Baby M’s stroller.  Even when we are out, people are always stopping me to inquire.  I actually have 2 strollers, this one is the “daddy” stroller for Hubs.  It is the Stokke Xplory.  I actually love it because it sits high up.  That in itself sold me because I loved the eye to eye level with Baby M.  I also love the fact that it is light weight, easy to break down and an extremely smooth ride.  I also like the fact that you can purchase a kick board that  a toddler can ride on, for the mommy’s that have another small child.  I purchased this stroller from Buy Buy Baby, but I am sure you can probably purchase it just about any baby store or online.  The Cons of this stroller would be that it didn’t come with a cup holder.  I still have to get around to purchasing one.  I always forget to get it.  I also use the Mommy Hook which is a must have for ALL Mommy’s.  It only costs about $8 and this hook holds everything!!!  I love it!







I’m linking up with Eboni today for her Style Me Friday post.  Today’s Friday Style is all about Camo.

Are you rocking your Camo?



Puffer Vest + Wedges



You can never go wrong with a Puffer Vest ladies… and gents too!  I wore this outfit last week when I went to try Me-Ality here.  This particular vest was my daughters that she didn’t like… Yes, she isn’t so much into fashion like me.  Anyway, rather than donate it, I went ahead and kept it.  I love it!  I am always throwing it on for quick errand runs.  Actually when I wore it, my daughter wanted it back. hahahhaa  I paired it with my “go to pants” that I’ve also worn here and here.  Yep, I am def getting my wear out of these babies.  I told ya’ll you would see a lot of me in these!  I wasn’t joking…   LOL

faux leather panel pants – H&M | puffer vest – Old Navy (Similar here and here and here) | top – boutique | shoes – Go Jane


Baby M tagged along with me.  This stroller I absolutely love, I may do a review on it if your in the market to purchase a stroller.  It is the Stokke Xplory!

You can dress the puffer vest up or down, with heels, flats or sneakers, and even with wedges.  So pull out those puffer vests and/or jackets ladies and have Fun!!!

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Will you rock a Puffer Vest or Jacket this Winter?



Turkey Day! {Video}


What’s In My Diaper Bag… Part II



Hi lovelies!  Remember here when I said I’d show you what was in my diaper bag?  Well, here we go…  Since having Baby M, I am always looking to find what is the best products out there for him.  I mean, I want him to have the best, as every mother does for her child, right?  This is my take on the best things I have found to be the best for me and some things I think are some must have items if you have a little one.  The older he gets, I am sure I will discover new things that I most def will share with you also.  I’m just going to give you my top 5 items because otherwise, we’d be here all day! haha  I have EVERYTHING in my diaper bag! hahahaha

1. Diapers!  I love love love Huggies Pure and Natural.  I’ve still been using Pampers brand, that were given to me as gifts before Baby M was born, but I will only purchase the Huggies.  I just like the Huggies better.  I also have some Target brand, but I haven’t used those yet, but I do plan on comparing them  (I’ll let you know what I think).  Baby M is still in size 1, he was 13 lbs at his 4 month appt. he’ll be in size 2 soon, but he is still in the 1’s for now.


2. Wubba Nub! I Love This Thing & Baby M does too!  Why do I like it so much?  For one, I think its the cutest thing ever.  That counts for something, right?  LOL  I actually really like how it stays in his mouth.  The paci is attached to a small stuffed animal that allows the paci to stay put when he is sleeping or awake.  Baby M holds the giraffe in his tiny hands and rubs it.  It is just the best thing ever, if you ask me. 



3. Aden and Anais swaddles and burpie bibs!  These things are amazing!  They are 100% cotton and every time you wash, the softer they get.  My girlfriend asked me about these and I had no idea what they were.  Once I started going through unopened baby gifts, I had a few.  Ever since I used them, I swear by them and they are all I use.  They are great for swaddling.  Baby M doesn’t like to be swaddled, so I use them as a stroller cover up for his privacy, a blanket, and I use it for Tummy Time sometimes too.  Every time I go to the the baby store to get something, I make it a point to go ahead and grab a pack.  You can never have too many!

4.  BabyGanics Hand Sanitizing Wipes!  I like this product because it is all natural.  Since having Baby M, I am such a germaphobe.  He is 20 weeks old and has NEVER been sick with a cold or anything  (KNOCK ON WOOD).  I am constantly washing my hands and his too.  I use these wipes on his hands because small children will come up to him and grab his hands.  He is at that stage now where he is constantly putting his hands in his mouth. I wipe his hands off before he gets the chance to do it. 

5.  Gumdrop Pacifier Wipes!  I love these because I can wipe Baby M’s paci if it happens to fall on the floor.  I’m not always near a restroom where I can wash it off so these are awesome to carry in the diaper bag for convenience. 

So there you have it!!!  These are my TOP 5 faves to carry in the diaper bag. 

What are some of your favorite items?


CBWW + GAP Fashion Show


Hi loves!  I hope it is a Happy Monday for you.  Did you have a great weekend?  I pretty much did nothing at all.  I spent all weekend with the family and did some much needed things around the house.  Last weekend Baby M and I were in a fashion show featuring GAP that my girls, Trina of Baby Shopaholic and Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door hosted.  The fashion show was for the Center for Black Women’s Wellness (CBWW) Expo that took place at Twelve Hotel at Atlantic Station.  The 1st fashion show was Trina’s, Mommy & Kids Show.  The little kids were just too cute and so good too.  You would think that small children would get restless and bored, but they were all ready for the show and ready to rock the runway.  They all did just that… ROCKED IT!!!!  Everything was sponsored from GAP.  Trina showed how GAP is your go to store for everyone… mommy, daddy, kids and baby!!  I personally shop Baby GAP often for Baby M.  I think they have the cutest items.  I love the jeans too, they fit him perfectly with still room for him to grow into them.  How cute was this matching outfit Trina picked out for Baby M and I?  And that hat he  wore was just too cute from Hooked by Ima!!!!!  Y’all know I had to snatch it up for Baby M!  I can’t wait to get it so he can start wearing it!!!  I also have my eye on another hat too.  


(Pre-Show)  Make-up by Jasmine Jade & my hair is the result of twists and bantu knots.  I’m still rocking the heck out of my natural frocks and I’m starting to really love it.  I do love how my curl pattern is EVERYTHING in these shots.


Baby M and I are wearing GAP.  My boots are from Sole Society

How cute is BernettaStyle showing off her cute Baby Bump!!!!  She soooo makes me want to be preggo again!  LOL  Baby M got the chance to rock the runway twice.  He was in the finale with Trina’s hubby.  I told y’all that hat was the cutest!!!

The host, Baby Shopaholic, and her cutie patootie daughter, Peyton!


The 2nd show was Eboni’s, Fall Fashion Show.  She did sooo good.  She even gave the guests tips on what was HOT for Fall…  colored pants/cords, the color ORANGE, Puffer Vests, & Plaid were a few hot must have items for Fall.  Eboni picked this awesome outfit out for me to wear.  I loved the plaid ruffled shirt, sexy boyfriend jeans and the puffer vest.  Everything was just too cute and so ME!!!!



Wearing GAP!   Shoes are  Just Fab “Marta”


 The host, The Fashionista Next Door!

Baby M and I had so much FUN playing “model” for a day!  We felt like SUPASTARS!!!!! hahahahahaha  Shout Out to my Hubs for getting such great pictures and being ok with playing “photographer” for the day!  :)

P.S.  I’m linking up to Monday Mingle and Mommy and Me Monday!

Do you shop the GAP?


Camo + Pumpkin Patch

Hi loves.  OK, sorry for yet another quickie post.  I’m doing my hair because I have 2 events to attend tomorrow and I want to make sure to get rest since I was up till 2am watching Mr. President get re-elected last night! Wooo Hooo… 4 more years!!  Oh yeah, I am wearing my hair natural here.. wash and go!  Guess what?  I am loving it too!!!!  You will see a lot more of me in my natural state.  I figure since its Fall/Winter, I will give it a try and see how it goes. 

camo jacket – Imperfect Concepts | boots – DV for Target | striped T – Kardashian Kollection | bag – COACH

So a couple weeks ago, the hubs and I took Baby M to the Pumpkin Patch.  I had never been in all my years of living, so it was a FUN experience for me too.  When Baby M gets bigger, I think he will enjoy it a little more.  It was a little windy and chilly so we stayed long enough to get pictures and eat and then we left. LOL   I wore my combat boots because I figured it would be lots of dirt…and it was!!  hahaha

Baby M wearing: Polo Ralph Lauren jeans |Carter’s sweater | Converse shoes

Have you been to the Pumpkin Patch before?


monochromatic color love

Hi loves.  How was your weekend?  The hubs and I took Baby M to the pumpkin patch and just chilled and rested.  It has gotten COLD here in Atlanta.  I had to go on and turn the heat on.  I want this Fall/Winter to hurry up and leave just as fast as it came. hahaha  Ya’ll know I HATE the cold!!!    

Source: whowhatwear

Monochromatic….what the heck is that, you ask?  Well, the dictionary definition is:  mon·o·chro·mat·ic (m n -kr -m t k). adj. 1. Having or appearing to have only one color And wikipedia’s definition is: all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hueIn a nut shell, you basically wear the same colors but in different shades.  So don’t put those colors away just yet, have fun!!!  Don’t be afraid to wear color this Fall/Winter.

pants – H&M (Similar) ● sweater – J Crew (Similar or Similar or Similar) ● nude pumps – Just Fab “Aurora” (Similar) ● scarf – TJ Maxx (Similar)  ●watch – Michael Kors ● bag – COACH (Similar)


Are you going to wear more color this Fall/Winter?



BABYBJÖRN + Shop A Blogger’s Closet

Happy Friday!!  The week is finally at its end.  Did you have a great week? So, I told you I had a busy weekend this past weekend.  Saturday, I attended Shop A Blogger’s Closet hosted by Lexi With The Curls.  9 Atlanta blogger’s participated and set up shop with some of their gently used items for a HUGE Blogger’s closet sale.  I had to go, to support my girls Eboni, Trina and Kristen.  I didn’t get a chance to meet some of the other blogger’s, I wish I would have!  I brought along my daughter and Baby M.  He was flirting with Trina!  He loved her! hahaha  I had to stop in and out because I had another event to attend at Babies R Us (I’ll talk more about that later).  The location was so nice.  Everything was set up so nicely.  It reminded of a little boutique.  I found a CUTE vintage dress from Kristen’s shop Lily Kai Vintage and a cute Rachel Roy spring/summer dress from Trina‘s closet.  I can’t wait to rock it!  I may just try to transition it into a Fall/Winter look!!!  Hmmmmm, I think I will!!!!  :)  If I had more time, I know I would have racked up on Eboni’s items.  I had every intention of getting there right at 11am (when they opened) so I could get 1st dibs on the good stuff, but when you have a baby, everything is all on baby time & not mommy time! hahaha All you mommy’s out there understand me!!!  I only got one photo of me getting my shop on, but be sure to head over here to see more!  I might just have to get with Lexi, so I can get in on the next one. 

I dressed very comfortable since I knew I was going to be running around all day… literally!  I didn’t get home that day until like 9pm!  I purchased these polka dot pants from Target.  They are so comfy and CUTE, all in one! hahaha  And I threw on the Chuck Taylor’s.  Can never go wrong with those, right?  And lets talk about the carrier.  I LOVE THIS CARRIER!  I must say it was the best gift ever!!!  It is the  BABYBJÖRN Carrier Miracle.  I have used this carrier ever since Baby M was 6 weeks old.  I use it mostly when going out to the grocery store or just into a store where I don’t want to pull out the stroller.  It’s just so easy to strap on the carrier.  I can even breastfeed him while he is in the carrier, and no one even knows!  If you are expecting or if you have a little one and you DO NOT have a carrier, you MUST go get one!  You won’t regret it!!! 

polka dot denim – Target (Similar or Similar)  ● sweatshirt – old (Similar or Similar or VERY Similar) ● shoes – Converse ● leather belt – Thrifted (Similar) ● watch – Michael Kors
Mason wore: Converse baby shoes (Similar) ● Polo Ralph Lauren layette (Similar)

Have a great weekend.  We’re supposed to be taking Baby M to the pumpkin patch… we’ll see how that goes!

What are your plans for the weekend?



Baby M + The Snappy Diva

Hi loves. It’s almost Friday!!! That gives you a little bit of motivation that this week is nearing an end.  LOL  I’m so sorry this is going to be a quick post.  Baby M turned 4 months old yesterday and today we have to go get shots!  :(  I am so not looking forward to it either!!  Uggghhh 

So last week baby M got his 3 month pictures taken by The Snappy Diva.  As you know, she also photographed my maternity pictures, my babyshower, and Baby M’s newborn pictures.   I love her photography so much because she loves doing natural posing.  She loves natural lighting and natural settings.   Here are a few of my favorite shots from his 3 month shoot. 

Images by The Snappy Diva

Images by The Snappy Diva

Images by The Snappy Diva

 I can’t wait for his 6 month shoot.  It is going to be so fun to share these pictures with Baby M when he gets older.  if your looking for photography in the Atlanta area, be sure to contact The Snappy Diva for all of your photography needs.  She even comes to your home!!!  A major plus when you have an infant!  :)

The Snappy Diva


Phone: 404-667-2232