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Kardashian Kollection Sweats + Heels



Hi lovelies!!!!  Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving, or if you don’t celebrate, did you have a great day?  I cooked, as I do everyday besides on weekends  & later that afternoon we hung out with great friends.  It was a very relaxing, filling day!  It was Baby M’s 1st T-Day, so of course there were lots of pictures taken!!!

Kardashian Kollection – sweatpants (Similar here) ● Bakers – shoes (old) ● GAP Maternity – shirt ● Swing Jacket – old (Similar here & here) ● F21 – earrings ● Quilted Clutch – old ● Michael Kors – watch

So I wore this outfit a few weeks back .  It was one of those days where I wanted to wear sweats but I also wanted to put on some heels.  You ever had one of those days?  I think as the weather gets colder, the next time I feel like sweats, I’m gonna throw on my faux fur vest too.  This particular day it was still a little warm, chilly but warm (if that makes any sense). LOL Of course, the Hubs was looking at me like I was some loony chic.  LOL  He was like, “What in the world do you have on?  No, Charee!  I don’t think so!!!”  hahhahahaha  Men, what do they know??? 

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Would you be caught out wearing sweats and heels???


Haute Shoe of the Week Wednesday

Jimmy Choo Halley 

Jimmy Choo Hayley $1,495

As I was browsing InStyle’s Springs Cutest Shoes online, I came across these HAUTE shoes by Jimmy Choo.  Are they GORG or what????  I actually went to the site to find these (the green suede and wood $825) but I couldn’t find them anywhere on Jimmy Choo’s site.  That’s when I came across these babies and fell instantly in love.  They are in the Spring/Summer 11 Collection as they should be and have all the elements I absolutely adore… leather, suede and platform.  You can’t go wrong with these 3 items in a shoe!!    Check out this ad.  If this doesn’t make you want to buy them, I don’t know what will.   If your interested in viewing the collection, you can here


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Happy Friday beautiful people!!!!  TGIF!  This has been a long week and I’m so looking forward to today for a couple of reason… 1. THOR comes out in the theatres today 2. Jumping The Broom is in theatres today too 3. The Kentucky Derby 4. Sweet Auburn SpringFest here in Atlanta  and 5. FBFF is all about SHOES.  Now you ALL know my love for shoes, don’t you?  Well if you don’t, your going to find out today! LOL  

I so didn’t plan to have 2 posts back to back about shoes, but you can never talk about SHOES too much, right???   I’ve been AWOL with Fashion Beauty Friend Friday lately, I’ve just been so busy and kind of lost track of everything going on and my email has been flooded lately, so I just kinda felt out of whack on everything!  My girl, Krystle of FierceFabFit  brought this to my attention when I saw her post!!   All I saw was the word, “SHOES”  Ha Ha Ha   I knew I had to jump on these questions ASAP!  If you want to learn more about FBFF  be sure to head over to ModlyChic to get all the details.

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes?

This may sound a bit strange, but I really don’t have a go-to pair of shoes.  I am in love with ALL my shoes so I kinda just pick the shoe that goes best with the outfit I’m wearing.  I do find that I wear my BCBG platform pumps the most.  They just pretty much go with EVERYTHING!

BCBG black platform pumps

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?

 My motto is:  If I like them, I’m buying them! LOL  Maybe that is why I have so many pairs.  Hmmmmm

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?

 Reds and Pinks – I used to have so many pairs of Black shoes.  I try to stay away from buying so many black just because black shoes always dominate any woman’s closet.  Of course, its good to have at least one pair of those classic black pumps.  If there is a shoe that I love and I know I’m going to buy it, I almost always will buy it in the other color available.

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

 I’m really not one to be so into designer shoes.  In my opinion, if the shoe is my style and I love it, I’m going to buy it.  Whether it costs $200+ or $10, you’ll find it in my closet.  I do love Jeffrey Campbell, Dolce Vita, Sam Edelman, BCBG, Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Gianni Bini and of course CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN!!  I love all of these brands because the shoes are just HAUTE! period. 

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

I’d own every pair of Christian Louboutin ever created! LOL  I love love love his shoes.com.  LOL The “red bottoms” are just Oh So SEXXXXXY and they are comfy too.  Well not that comfy, but it sounded good. LOL LOL 

Who said diamonds are a girls best friend??????   Shoot, get me some Louboutins!! 

Christian Louboutin Lady Daf $995

Christian Louboutin Pampas Boots $1,595


the ruffled tuxedo shirt

tuxedo shirt-Thrifted $2│skinny cargo pants-TJ Maxx│SSC#5 shoes- BCBG│watch-Shock Boutique $30│bracelet-Express│wrap belt-Michael Kors

Are you loving this shirt or what?????  I fell in love when I found it while thrifting a few months ago.  It was love at first sight. LOL  I know, I’m weird talking about clothes as if it’s a person. HA HA  But isn’t this shirt just amazing?  You can’t tell me you don’t love it!!  I can wear it so many ways too, and I can’t wait to experiment with it.  It originally had a stain on it but I pointed it out to the dry cleaners and when I went to pick it up, the stain was GONE.  The $2.00 I spent on this shirt is going to go a LONG way!!    I decided to pair the shirt today, with a pair of skinny cargo pants.  These pants are more so like skinny khaki’s but because of all the pockets, I’m calling them cargo pants.  I tucked the shirt in and rolled up the sleeves and wore a chunky gold watch since my shoes have gold accents on them.  Do you love it?????  You can most def recreate this look.  If you don’t have any skinny khaki’s or cargo pants, just wear a pair of jeans.  You can purchase a ruffled tuxedo shirt here and here and here.  If none of those are your size, just do a google search for ‘ruffled tuxedo shirt” and tons should come up. 

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #5

My fur baby wanted in on the action so I took a shot with her.  It’s funny how she’s looking right at the camera like she knows its about to take her picture.  She is such a priss, I tell ya. LOL  Don’t ask me why I have my blackberry in my hand. LOL LOL  I realized I was holding it and immediately put it down! haha  I don’t want my secret let out about how obsessed I am with my “crack”berry!!  HAHAH


white wide-leg pants

Photo credit: mystyle.com

I wore this outfit on Tuesday.  The white wide-leg pants trend is in full effect for Spring 2011.  Kim Kardashian and Kristen Bell rocked their white wide-leg pants.  Each styled it very differently.  I opted to style my white wide-leg pants with an orange button up shirt, ,black pumps and a black belt.  I bought these pants 2 years ago and this is probably the 2nd time I’ve worn them.  LOL  I am so glad this trend is making a major impact for Spring (as stated on mystyle.com ).  I’d say the best way to style these pants would be to make sure you wear a really high pump… pretty much a stilletto!!

It was pretty funny when I took these pictures.  I was in the park, as usual, and this lady walked past me with her dog.  She came by a second time and asked me, “What are you taking pictures of?”  I told her, “Me!”  Then she says, “Your taking pictures of YOU!”  Like she was just apauled. LOL  Then I say, “Yes, I have a fashion blog.”  Then she says it again, “So, your taking pictures of YOURSELF?”  I wanted to say, “Keep it moving lady!” LOL  But I kindly just said, “YES! I have a FASHION BLOG!”  Then she gets snippy and puts her hand on her hip and says, “My DAUGHTER has a FASHION BLOG TOO!”  I wanted to say, “Then you know what I’m doing, so get outta my face old lady!”  LOL LOL LOL  But me, being the nice person that I am, I just said, “Oh OK!” and just continued to take my pictures.  Then she startes to strike up a conversation with me the 3rd time she comes around to me and says, “Your pants are so nice, I wish I could wear them and look as good in them as you do.”  I still wanted to say, “Lady, leave me alone!” LOL LOL   But I kindly said THANK YOU!  hahaha 

People are just so nosey when it comes to taking my pictures with my tripod.  They usually just stare, noone has been bold enough to ask me what exactly I was doing besides this little old lady who was walking her dog.  LOL!!

top-J Crew│white wide leg pants-Nili Lotan│shoes - BCBG│belt-old│sunglasses-A.B.S.

As of today, I have saved 3 pairs of shoes for the  Shoeper Shoe Challenge that I am participating in.  I stjll have a lot more to go!!


Shoeper Shoe Challenge #2

pants-H&M│wrap sweater-TJ Maxx│leather jacket-old│oxford booties-JustFab│scarf-Target│sunglasses-A.B.S│

I am so behind on posting updated pictures.  I am about 2 days behind, but never fret, I will get caught up for you guys.  LOL  This is going to be a really really short post.

Here I am wearing khaki pin striped pants that I bought from H&M so long ago.  I found this wrap sweater dress at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago.  I really like the ruffle detail and I love the wrap.  I completed the look with my grey suede oxford booties.   As you know, I am participating in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge.  This is pair #2 that I have saved….88 more to go. 



je t’aime

jumpsuit-H&M│shoes-Jessica Simpson│red skinny belt-Express│necklace and earrings-Target│clutch-NineWest│leather jacket-old

Today is the day of LOVE….. who says?  If you know me then you know I think Valentine’s Day is so overrated.  I mean, who started this Valentine’s Day really???  Why should we celebrate the day of LOVE on 1 day?  Valentine’s Day should be a day that is shared on a daily basis.  Hubby shows me how much he loves me daily and he gets me flowers, chocolates, wines and dines me, just because.  That’s what makes it even more special!  Not when you get great things on a day that you are expecting something.   Do things that you did today, EVERYDAY!!!  ::smiles::  Thats why I think its so overrated, but anywho… Hubby and I went out and had a great time.  It was an excuse for another “date night” and I love having date nights with hubby.  It makes me fall in love with him all over again. 

The plan was to go to the Alvin Ailey ballet, reservations at One Midtown Kitchen  and then out for drinks and dancing.  Well, all of that changed when something unexpected happened and we ended up missing the ballet, our reservations and had to push our day back even later than we wanted to.  It was all good though, we still had a great time and had dinner at Benihana’s then we met our friends for drinks at this really cool Salsa restaurant/bar.  We had a BLAST!!! 

I originally planned to wear a red dress but changed my mind at the list minute and opted to wear this jumpsuit that I bought from H&M in October.  I still wanted to wear a touch of red, so I wore a red skinny belt and these shoes that are to DIE for.  I bought them from Heels.com and the shoe is a nude color with a hint of blush.  The back of the shoe is the best part!!!  It’s like a lace-up detail with red suede peeking out behind the lace-up.  If your a size 7 and interested in purchasing, you can here.  The size 7 is the only size left.  The picture makes the shoe look like a nude color, but it does have that hint of blush color in the shoe, which I think is pretty.  I was shocked when I did get them, but I was still very happy with the shoe.  I ordered them online  about 6 or 7 months ago, so that explains why they only have 1 size left.  LOL!

As you know, today is Day#1 of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge… 1 down, 89 more to go!  :)


the Shoeper Shoe Challenge

90 pairs of Shoes

OK!  OK!  So you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes, right?  Well, I have decided to join a great challenge, The Shoeper Shoe Challenge and it’s going to be sooo much FUN and going to go towards a great cause when it ends.  This screams a challenge that I’m sooo interested in and sooo going to love!   Basically, I have to count all of my shoes ( 90 PAIR!!) and starting tomorrow, 2/14/2011 I have to wear ALL 90 pairs of my shoes by the time the challenge ends, 2/14/2012.  I can still buy shoes throughout the year and just change my shoe count as I purchase new ones.  Here’s the great part… if there are ANY shoes that I don’t wear within this year time frame, I HAVE TO GIVE THEM TO CHARITY (the shoe(s) that I don’t wear)!  AWESOME, right???? 

 Here are are the rules in more detail:

  • I must wear every pair of shoes/boots I own before the end of the challenge. (And it doesn’t matter whether you own five pairs or five hundred – everyone is welcome!)
  • I must take photos wearing each pair of shoes as “evidence”. (Full length outfit shots only: photos showing just my feet don’t count!)
  • Each week Shoeperwoman will publish a roundup of participants’ photos from the past seven days, with a link back to all participants blog (if they have one: if not, their welcome to just send their photo to shoepershoechallenge @gmail.com). If anyone doesn’t want to take photos they are welcome to join in anyway, but they obviously won’t be able to be included in the weekly roundup.
  • Any shoes that I haven’t worn by the end of the challenge must be disposed of: use ‘em or lose ‘em… sell them, donate them, bin them – it’s up to you.

***I’ve decided to donate mine to charity!

If you are interested in joining this awesome challenge, be sure to head on over to Shoeper Shoe Challenge for all of the details and how you can sign up.   Happy Shoe Challenge!!!!