The Best of 2012



Hi loves!!!  2012 was BIG for me in many ways.  My husband and I found out at the end of 2011 that we would be starting the next chapter in our lives.  I shared my good news with you all here.  I must say that going into the year 2012, was THE BEST thing that happened, this year.  Nothing else can quite top what God  has blessed us with!!!  Baby M is such a JOY and is truly a gift from God!!!  It was my pleasure to share with you my pregnancy updates and to introduce him to you all. 

When I announced my pregnancy, I recieved so many Congrats and Well Wishes from all of you, which I appreciated so very much!  I tried to stay up on maternity outfit posts but I was so exhausted I only was able to upload a few… Sorry about that!  hahahaha  So here is a walk down memory lane.

My Pregnancy…

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 The Hubs!!

My mom gave me the BEST Baby Shower…

 Blogger BFF’s came out to celebrate with me!  Breck, Eboni, Adrienne & Trina  – LOVE YA’LL!!

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And of course my son was born and he is one little boy that totally has my heart…

minutes old…

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14 days old…

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3 months old…

Thank you so much for being patient with me when I go A.W.O.L and still be so supportive!!  I love you ALL and my family and I are hoping you and yours have a HAPPY, PEACEFUL, JOYOUS 2013!!!!! 



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3 Responses to The Best of 2012

  1. Man I want to eat him! He is so cute! You were the cutest preggers lady!

  2. AAG says:

    Awwww YOUR TWIN! This is such a beautiful post!

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