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I hope everyone had a Happy Monday!!   If you are a frequent reader, you remember that a couple weeks ago, I was bitten by a dog.  It’s still surreal to me, but it indeed happened.  This is actually the outfit I had on and was in the park doing my photoshoot for.   I can laugh about it now, but at no means was it funny.  It was all but funny while I was going through the recovery process.  So, let me begin…

I went to the park as I usually do at lunch time.  There is usually noone even in the park most days.  It’s a very small park and  the park hosts a lot of small outdoor weddings because the scenery is just so nice and  it has such an intimate setting.  Anywho, I was actually done with my photoshoot and carrying my tripod and camera back to my car.  I didn’t even think twice as I saw the gentleman walking towards me with his 2 Boston Terriers.  I’m by no means afraid of dogs.  I grew up with them and love dogs.  I’ve  had pit bulls (that were such babies and by no means mean at all) and I currently have a 6lb Shih Tzu, so as you can see, I am no stranger to dogs.  So the guy walks past me and I say, “Hello” and he speaks back and the next think I know, his dog jumps on my leg and attacks me.  I’m like, “What the hell? Your damn dog just bit me?” LOL  Those were my exact words!!!! LOL  I was just so shocked, because I have NEVER EVER EVER had this happen to me in my life. LOL (well… when I was younger a dog tried to bite me in my butt..LOL But thats another story for another day LOL LOL).   The guy looks at me and says, “I’m sorry.”  But his attitude was just like, what do you want me to do.  He wasn’t as apologetic as he could have been.  You know?  So I say I need to get his information, he’s not cooperative.   He was an elderly gentleman so I didn’t argue with him.. I was raised to treat my elders with respect. LOL  So I just wrote down his license plate number.  I drove back to work and immediately called the police.  So the police comes out, takes my report and tells me I have to call Animal Control.  I call Animal Control and they tell me because the bite happened in one county and I live in another county, I had to come into the location so they could verify the bite.  So I drive to Animal Control and file a report with them.  They tell me they will quarantine the dog for 10 days to be sure the dog doesn’t have Rabbies.  They told me that they hadn’t had a Rabbies case in the state of GA in over 5 years.  So that made me feel pretty good but I still thought to myself, I had the bad luck to get bitm it would be just my luck that this dog would have Rabbies, so I was still worried.  I went to my Dr. and she checked out the bite and told me I had an infection and then I had to get on antibiotics.  I also had to get a Tetnas shot in my arm that left my arm sore for 3 days.  Then the antibiotics that I was on, had side effects and would you know, I experienced 95% of the side effects.  I don’t know what was worse, the dog bite or the side effects from the antibiotic.  Uggghhhh  But today I can say I am back to 100% and you wouldn’t even have known I was bit by a dog if I didn’t tell you. LOL  I know for sure, that was a day that I will never forget.  I still have a love for dogs, but I will say… when it comes to Boston Terriers, I will be a little bit more reserved and give them that ::side eye:: and one better not come near me! LOL

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #12

So I bought 2 more shoes this weekend so my shoe count total is now up to 94.  So I’ve been knocked back a few and have 82 more to go.  I also actually bought 2 more pair online but I haven’t received those yet so I won’t count them until I physically have them!!!   WOW!  I guess you can call me a SHOEAHOLIC as well as a SHOPAHOLIC!  hahahahahaha  If you’d like, you can still participate in the challenge.  You just will have a late start but will still have to wear all your shoes by February 14, 2012. 


As you can tell I was having such a good time with this shoot too!  LOL  Oh yeah, the dog tore my pants too…  I might have been more worried about my pants than my leg. LOL LOL


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19 Responses to the dog bite

  1. Prissy says:

    Aw man, that is just awful. I cant even imagine what you went thru. And for the man to pretty much act like it was “no boggie” was dead wrong. Well, I’m glad you’re back to yourself again, and I’m sorry you had to go thru all that…

    Now on to the outfit: Love that jacket!!! I love the marching band feel it has. Also, you know I’m a shoeaholic like you, so I’m really feeling the BCBG wedges! You look fab in this outfit!!


  2. Shoeperwoman says:

    Eeek, how awful! So glad you’re OK now, but I just can’t understand the man’s attitude – I mean, I have a dog, and if he ever BIT someone (not that he ever would!) I would be so upset: not only could you have been seriously hurt, it could’ve left you terrified of dogs forever, which would be a shame.

    Anyway, the photos are fabulous, despite the trauma afterwards: I adore that jacket!
    Shoeperwoman recently posted..Badgley Mischka ‘Lissa’ peep toe pumps

    • chareelenee says:

      U r so right!! If my baby would have bitten someone I would have been making them take them to the hospital. I’d be so ashamed, embarrased, empathetic… All of that! LOL

  3. Krystle says:

    Girl, I still cannot believe that happened! I would have felt the same way with an elder, but girl, if the person was younger I may have lost my cool! I mean, you CANNOT be apathetic when YOUR dog bites someone! Oh, the nerve! Don’t ya’ll have leash laws?? we do here in OR. Anyway, I am so glad you’re feeling better!

    Love the outfit! LOVE! I need to scroll back up and see where those shoes and jacket were from. :)


    • chareelenee says:

      Oh yes, I would have lost it if it was a younger guy! LOL

      I got the jacket last year at H&M and the wedges are BCBG. I’ve had them for years. I got them for like $20 at a sale at Nordstrom. SCORE!!! lol

  4. Ashley J says:

    Oh my goodness, I cannot believe you were bitten by a dog! That is crazy and I am so glad you are okay…even though your pants got torn. You look amazing in this outfit if that makes you feel any better!
    Ashley J recently posted..Kimono Style!

  5. Fashnlvr says:

    So sorry you were bitten. I am of the opinion this man should be paying for your medical treatment of HIS dog’s bite wound to your leg! Remuneration – it just seems fair.
    I have had dogs and would be mortified if one ever bit a human or other pet. Right now I own a 3.5lb chihuahua – her mouth isn’t big enough to bite and she barely has any teeth!!
    Love your jacket – wanted to reach through the screen to borrow it!! Those wedges are fantastic too!!
    Fashnlvr recently posted..Short Pump Mall- Project Style Round 1

    • chareelenee says:

      Oh, I will DEF be sending him all my bills witha certified letter. If he choses NOT to pay… Off to court we will go!!!
      I’m the same way, if my baby bit anyone or anything I’d be mortified as well!!!
      Thanks doll!! It is one of my fave jackets in my closet, for sure!! :)

  6. Ashley says:

    oh No! I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s a good thing you went to the doctor so that they could give you the right medication to get better. I’m terrified of dogs and for that reason too. I feel like they are going to eat me when they start barking…A little dramatic I know lol. Anyways, you look cute and I’m glad you are ok.
    Ashley recently posted..HAUTE or NOT- Top Model Eva Marcille rocking a black and blue striped dress

  7. Corie says:

    Ummm that’s it?! The man wasn’t liable for anything? What tha?!

    I’m glad you’re good. And you look cute! The shoes are awesome.
    Corie recently posted..LOOKBOOK Tuesday

  8. That is crazy!! i’m SO GLAD you’re ok now… I grew up with dogs too (boxers and rotts) and totally wouldn’t have suspected a boston terrier be the attacking type :( scary!! The antibiotics sound like a nightmare… i dont do well taking them either…
    hautepinkpretty recently posted..Sam Edelman Lorissa’s in Black Leather

  9. omg, what a horror story! i can’t believe that happened right after your lovely photo shoot. glad you are 100% now. and i do love those wedges and the military jacket.
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..Lookbook- Polka Dots And Stripes

  10. Miss Rockwell says:

    First of all, this park is gorgeous!!! Secondly, I’m baffled at this guys reaction…like wtf!!! I guarantee that this isn’t the first time the dog has bitten someone. Girllll I would’ve been livid…you hear me!!! Like who keeps a pet that randomly bites on people!? #simple
    Miss Rockwell recently posted..You Gettin Ready so I Know We Gon be Here Awhile

  11. JTwisdom says:

    Glad you are okay. I am a dog lover too but owners must be more responsible. I really can’t believe how he reacted to you. I would of taken you to the emergency room. I am shaking my head on this one.

    You look great and wow you have a lot of shoes. Love your outfit and your wedges are to cute.
    JTwisdom recently posted..Spring 2011 Reigning in the Trends

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