Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag

Hi loves.  I hope you had an awesome weekend and a happy Monday.  I had a fun filled weekend.  I’ll share all the deets later.  So, you may remember me doing a What’s in my bag post here.  Since having Baby M, I decided to do a What’s In My Diaper Bag post.  It is my new purse since having Baby M.  I rarely get to carry my own purse, only when I’m out by myself and he is home with Daddy.

The Timi and Leslie “Jessica” diaper bag retails for $169.00 and worth every penny.  It has so many pockets and compartments.  Before I purchased the bag, I was torn between the Jessica (pictured) and the Charlie bag.  I decided on the Jessica because of all the pockets.  I do still plan to purchase the Charlie to carry once he gets a little older. 

So I went to upload a video that I did last night but it is corrupt now and won’t upload.  Don’t you hate when that happens? So I’ll get some pictures for you of what I carry in my bag.     TO BE CONTINUED….


P.S.  What does Lucky Magazine, Bebe and Fashionista Next Door have in common.  GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!!  I’ll be posting more deets shortly, but in the meantime, head over here to VOTE on what she should wear!!!!


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