All White Everything

H&M blazer and assorted bracelets│old dress│Christian Louboutin shoes│Shock Boutique watch│A.B.S sunglasses│Kohl’s gold hoop earrings


It’s that time again for “Bloggers Do It Better” aka BDIB.  Last week, it was all about Color Blocking.  You can see my version here.  Today its all about White Out.  You got it… all white everything!!!  When I think of white, I think… pure, innocent, fresh and clean.  I’ve had this dress a long time.  I think I bought it 4 years ago.  I’m pretty sure it was at least 4 years ago because I bought it to wear to an All White Party that the hubs and I were invited to and I was still in the midst of planning our wedding.  I only wore it that one time and its been hanging in my closet waiting for me to pull it out again. LOL  When I saw last week that our assignment would be WHITE OUT, I knew exactly what I was going to wear. LOL   She was actually still hanging in the cleaners bag.  I bought it online, but I can not remember for the life of me, which online store I purchased it from.  I loved this dress because it sorta reminded me of Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress.  That’s what caught my eye when I saw it.

Photo Credit: SCAD Fashion


I knew I didn’t want to wear white from head to toe, but instead from head to ankle! LOL  I knew I wanted to wear these pair of Christian Louboutins.  Hubby surprised one day with these….isn’t he a sweetheart?  He knows my obsession with Shoes, especially with “red bottoms”.  No, I don’t have a collection like Khloe Kardashion, LOL!  But this one pair keeps me content…. for now! LOL    I’ve had them for quite awhile and I must say this is probably my 3rd time wearing them. LOL  I still have these on my wish list.

Don’t forget to head over to Pretty Shiny Sparkly (the creator of BDIB)  to see all the other FAB bloggers White it Out!

Shoeper Shoe Challenge #18


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32 Responses to All White Everything

  1. Eboni Ife' says:

    Girl, you did not tell me your CL’s were leopard print! #Swoon You better start wearing them more often lady! Lol.

    I love that dress. See this is the look that I wanted, but couldn’t pull off because I didn’t have the right pieces. You look gorgeous.
    Eboni Ife’ recently posted..Bloggers Do It Better- White Out

  2. Martha C. says:

    That dress is perfect! Perfect color, perfect length…well done!

  3. Roni says:

    You wear white well! Love this look! And adore the shoes!!! Also, thanks so much for following!

    Roni recently posted..Seeing Yellow

  4. Prissy says:

    Go head Marilyn!! LOL! I love this dress on you. Your blazer is too hot…I must get that (hopefully, they have some left) & of course you know I love the CLs!! Great look, Charee..

    Prissy recently posted..Bloggers Do It Better- White Out

  5. Fashnlvr says:

    Those shoes are divine! I love them! Has there been a CL made that isn’t absolutely perfect?? You look stunning in this white out dress! Just perfect!
    Fashnlvr recently posted..Shoe Month on Fashion RECON

  6. Inez says:

    Lovely dress! Gorgeous shoes! I love the chic simplicity of this outfit.

  7. Chanel says:

    You look fab in all white….especially love the leopard shoes! I’m now following your blog and I’m subscribed to your youtube channel : )

  8. zarna says:

    this white dress is so beautiful on you – fits great!
    zarna recently posted..periwinkle stones

  9. CessOviedo says:

    That dress is so pretty! Going for leopard shoes was such a fab idea, they add a fierce touch awesome!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries
    CessOviedo recently posted..Wedding Weekend…

  10. I like it a few people were buzzing about this look on twitter! I love it, I think the animal print is a perfect touch.

  11. Trendsetter says:

    New follower here. You look amazing in this white! I love your tattoo!

  12. Jessica says:

    Your outfit is great! And those SHOES- I’m so jealous!
    Jessica recently posted..White Out – Bloggers Do It Better

  13. Shasie says:

    What is your shoe challenge about? Love your white outfit for the challenge! Hope you can stop by and check mine out!

    Live Life in Style
    Shasie recently posted..WHITE OUT – Bloggers Do It Better

    • chareelenee says:

      Hi Shasie,
      The Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge is hosted by I have to wear every single pair of my shoes by 2/14/2012. The challenge began 2/14/2011. So far, I think I’m on a roll. LOL LOL I’ve got a lot more to wear and I just can’t discipline myself to STOP BUYING SHOES. LOL LOL So my count keeps increasing! :) Thanks for stopping by love!! SMOOCHES!!

  14. Kara says:

    I love that dress! Marilyn came into mind when I first saw it, then I scrolled down and saw you thought the same thing! The length is so perfect this season.. very chic :)

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs
    Kara recently posted..Blogger of the Month May- Nicole

  15. Johanna says:

    This dress is so fierce!! sexy and elegant!! and love the white with the leopard shoes! Just fierce girl!!
    Johanna recently posted..De pagar menos y algo mas

  16. manecoarse says:

    That dress is gorgeous. I love it.
    manecoarse recently posted..Good stuff

  17. It does look like Marilyn’s dress! You wear it well and do the look proud. Especially the back shot!

    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there!
    The Chief Blonde
    Still blonde after all these YEARS! recently posted..White out- Change it up- Outfits modeled by Women over 45

  18. Great outfit! I love the dress with the white blazer plus a little hint of animal print! Thanks for following by the way :)
    Ann@SoberFashionista recently posted..White Out

  19. chareelenee says:

    Thank you ALL for your lovely comments!! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog too. I soooo appreciate all of you!! SMOOCHES!!!

  20. Jelena says:

    white from head to ankle as u said is awesome idea,it makes your fantastic shoes even more fabulous!!!:)) looking amazing!!!;)

  21. Love your shoessss, I am literally obsessed with them! You looking FAB!!!!!

    Flor de Maria Fashion recently posted..Pretty in Pink

  22. Rocquelle says:

    That dress is so Gorgeous on you!! Love that you paired it with one of my favorite neutrals…leopard!
    Rocquelle recently posted..Things I Now Know For Sure

  23. Krystle says:

    OMG!! Girl this is so FABULOUS!!! Sorry it took me so long to see this! I’m still catching up on my blog reading from the busy-ness of my weekend and all! Um, can I just say I am so jealous that you have a husband who buys you CLs!!? Seriously, a few months ago I added “must be willing to buy me Christian Loubitins” to my list of “needs” in a man!! :)

    Krystle recently posted..White-Out!

  24. I am beginning to envy your shoe wardrobe LOL
    Keren of Two Stylish Kays recently posted..Midnight Lasts but a Minute

  25. I love this look on you so soft and fresh….white seems to renew the look of people maybe becasue its known as the “pure” color.

    But you look great Charee!

    MzFashionCloset recently posted..Ocean View

  26. This look is so feminine! The dress is gorgeous and looks very comfy. I love that you got inspiration from the Marilyn Monroe getup. Although, I’m not sure how innocent I felt in my all white;-).

    And giiirrrrlllll, those shoes are the ish. You husband is to be commended for that one! Half of the men I know don’t even know what Louboutin’s are. And you are soooo rocking them well!
    Miss Rockwell recently posted..I Love The Way That You Put It Together

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  28. Ariel B says:

    Fabulous white dress!

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