Colored Denim

PhotobucketHot Topic -red jeans│H&M-polka dot top & assorted bracelets│Thrifted-blazer & skinny belt│BCBG-shoes│Michael Kors-watch│Charlotte Russe-snake ring



Short post today.  My WordPress isn’t acting normal today.  Not quite sure why.  I wore this last week.  I’m a little obsessed with colored denim right now.  My daughter gifted these pants to me in December.  I also wore them here back in January where I went a little more casual.  This time, I paired them with simple black peep toe pumps, a navy polka dot top and black boyfriend blazer.  Speaking of blazers, I found a ton of colored blazers while thrifting a couple weeks ago and just got around to putting them in the cleaners.  They’ve been riding around in the trunk of my car and I finally remembered to drop them off.  I so can’t wait to get them out so I can wear them.  I found so many good things!  Green and pink.. Ahhhh.  Now I need to find Orange.  A deep bright orange!

I’m also loving the trend with bracelets stacked around your watch.  HAUTE!  I just love it!!  Now I’m going to get back to figuring out why my WordPress is acting up today.  Gotta get my techy hubs in on this one, because I have no idea what I’m even looking for. LOL




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14 Responses to Colored Denim

  1. Shan says:

    Girl, I promise you I was looking at some cropped red jeans earlier on my lunch break. Your blog post today must be sign for me to get them! I am loving this outfit on you! Chic! Classy! Fab! ALL of the above. WORK IT!

  2. Prissy says:

    Those red jeans are def HAUTE!!! This is the color red I want! I’m now on the hunt. You look fabulous, girlie! This is like my signature uniform…blazer, skinnies, and heels!!! So chic!

    Prissy recently posted..Purple Pleats

  3. Rocquelle says:

    I’m loving colored denim! Unfortunately, I haven’t found a pair that fits right yet :-( That red looks fab on you!
    Rocquelle recently posted..Stories to Tell

  4. tyty says:

    love the red jeans! Now I’ve done white and blue and coral but never red! Red is one of my most favorite colors but I hardly have red clothes! doesn’t make any sense huh? But the red jeans are deff a show stopper, and red is deff your color! I love it lady! xoxo Ty
    tyty recently posted..You See Right Thru Me!

  5. Love the red trousers. Very cool. Xxxx

  6. Trendsetter says:

    This is HAUTE, girl!

  7. J K says:

    I envy your red jeans! Your daughter have a great taste …she must have learned from you! Or maybe genetic traits!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Appreciate it very much.

    J K recently posted..unsung heroes

  8. J K says:

    I envy your red jeans! Your daughter have a great taste …she must have learned that from you. Or maybe genetic traits!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Appreciate it very much.

    J K recently posted..unsung heroes

  9. Johanna says:

    Cute snake ring!! Love it!! Kuddos!!
    Johanna recently posted..Moda Militar

  10. You rock girl. I’m adding red to my wardrobe for the summer.

  11. ciaa says:

    OMG!!!!! I feel like I am missing out on the thrift store buying. I need to visit my local value village . I love this look head to toes
    ciaa recently posted..Designer Spotlight-Malaika

  12. Tiffany says:

    I am just like Rocquelle, I have NOT found any to fit me yet and I do not want my legs to look like Twizzlers or Pixie Stix (if they are a different color) Yours are super duper cute. Lovin it!

  13. SHasie says:

    Seems like everyone’s blogger domains have been acting up. Blogger was shutdown for over 24 hrs on Thursday, and deleted people’s wed’s posts! Crazy! Love the hot red pants!

    Live Life in Style

  14. I have been DYING for a pair of red skinnies. DYING, I tell you. I am totally checking out Hot Topic, a store I should’ve stopped shopping in about 20 years ago. Oh well. Those pants are CUTE. Hells bells, the whole outfit is cute!

    merciblahblah recently posted..WWD-Pick a Pocket

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