Hi lovelies!  Can you believe it?  I have arisen! hahhhh  I know I know, I have been MIA, wait, I guess its more than MIA, I kind of just fell off the face of the blogosphere.  LOL  You won’t believe that when I tried to login to my account, I FORGOT the link to go to login to my admin page to do a blog post… now that is a shame.. a damn shame, huh? hhahah  I just have to giggle.  I have missed you all so so much.  You can’t imagine how good it feels right now to sit here and blog.  It’s sooo refreshing and feels like a calgon bath… well maybe I’m going a bit too far, but it feels good.  So lets see, what have YOU missed, well what have I missed?????  Fill me in and leave comments and let me know all the good things I’ve missed in the blogosphere.  Also its a new year… so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  it’s a bit late, but I just realized I actually haven’t even spoke to you or even showed my face since last year… WOW!  OK, well I can’t promise that I will be back as often as I was, but I will say that I will make more of an effort to atleast post once a week, if not more.  But I’ll start slow for now and just say my goal is to atleast post once a week for you fashion lovers so you can get your fix!  It’ll get better… trust me! *wink*

OK, so a lot has been going on with me… Hubby turned the big 4-0 a few weeks ago and I gave him an intimate birthday dinner party that included all of our close dear friends that we absolutely adore and love.  We had a blast and he so enjoyed himself.  I wore this LOVELY black jumpsuit from Asos.  Which is on SALE right now!!  I apologize for the crappy pictures, I don’t know why they turned out so horribly, I think hubby had the settings on my DSLR all jacked.  They were very blurry so I had to sharpen them a bit during editing. 

Aqua Coco V Neck Jumpsuit – Asos│Earrings – random store in the mall│Marco Santi shoes – Sole Society│Clutch – Michael Kors│watch – Shock Boutique ( I think they are no longer in business)


SOOOOOO, if you keep scrolling, I’ve got a SURPRISE for everyone!  **giggling**


This is the reason I’ve fallin off the face of blogosphere … I’m growing a little person, our “jelly bean” as I call him/her.  And now you know the meaning behind my blog title and why I am absolutely GLOWING in my picture.  of course, this was taken about a month ago, so  “jelly bean” has grown lots since then.  Hubby and I are so excited and so looking forward to this next chapter in our lives!  I can’t promise that I’m not gonna swamp you with all kinds of baby talk, baby clothes and baby stuff, because these days all I can think about is all things BABY! *smile*




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36 Responses to glowing

  1. Bajan Beauty says:

    Yaaay! Congratulations! I remember that you tweeted that jumpsuit, you look awesome.

  2. Ashley says:

    Awwww!!! Congrats Girl!! You look AmAZING :)

  3. LC says:

    CONGRATS! you look amazing!

  4. Ariel B says:

    Congrats darling! I so guessed it from your previous posts.

  5. Nikka Shae says:

    Awww congrats to you and your hubby!!! I can’t wait to watch your progress!!!

  6. amber says:

    congrats! that is so exciting! I’m getting ready to have my 2nd jelly bean in a few weeks so I know what its like to be consumed by all things baby!!
    can’t wait to see how your rock your bump!

  7. I knew it!!! Congrats to you and your hubby! May you continue to be blessed :o)

  8. JTwisdom says:

    Congratulations Charee!
    So happy for you and your hubby.

  9. Inez says:

    Awe you are indeed glowing! Congrats to you two! :))

    AWE! Btw, you look amazing love those shoes!
    Happy New Year to you too!

    I have been busy with FASH DET ( and trying to attend as many events in the city as possible. :)

  10. DEA Win says:

    Congrats MAMA!
    My style girl is a pretty fly mama!

  11. Welcome back lady and a HUGE CONGRATS to you and yours! How exciting!!!


  12. Kymberly says:

    Congratulations! Youre going to be a stylish momma! And youre working that jumpsuit with your little bump.

  13. Briana H. says:

    Sis .. Congrats ! ! ! ! & I’m glad you finally returned .! <3

  14. DeAnna says:

    I love the while entire outfit down to the shoes.

  15. Robin says:

    Wow! Congrats and welcome back! You and baby look beautiful!

  16. Lynn says:

    *Congratulations* Jelly Bean… too cute!!!! I can’t wait to see & hear all about the Baby Stuff!!!!

  17. KayCee says:

    Oh congratulations to you and your hubby! You are going to be such a stylish mommy!

  18. I knew it!!!! I was thinking about you and then you have been MIA! YAS!!! Congrats girl! You look HOT!

  19. tyty says:

    YESSS MAAAM and you came back with a vengeance! I absolutely love this look and your hairdo! That jumpsuit is everything and more! CONGRATS on the little one! stay blessed girl! xoxo TY

  20. Congrats hunny, you are indeed glowing and that baby bumps looks good on you.

  21. Tiffany says:

    Awww so super sweet. You look fab. Hey Jellybean :)

  22. I knew it!!! The title alone I was thinking, “She’s pregnant!” LOL congratulations

    It’s so funny that your hubby turned 40 last week. My husband turned 40 on Jan16th! I turned 43 on Jan 15th. Yes it’s been a busy month for us all I see :-)

  23. Eboni says:

    kekeke!!!! I have been WAITING for this post ever since you texted. YAAAAAAAAY!!! Congratulations, girl!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see you in person.

    Honey!!! you are working that jumpsuit… Get it, girl!

  24. Eboni says:

    OH, and your hair is growing so much!

  25. DAD says:


  26. tracy says:

    Hey Charee! Glad 2 c u back in ur element ;) U r absolutely gorgeous & “glowing” as u say. CiCi & I can’t wait to meet the little bundle…keep the pics coming & stay comfortable <3

  27. Tracy says:

    Abso GORGEOUS!! Congrats 2 u & Greg. CiCi & I are super excited for another addition 2 the fam!

  28. Maya says:

    Congrats… This is AWESOME news!!!

  29. Kristen Kai says:

    OMG!!!! That’s why i haven’t seen anything from you in months! I am so happy for you guys.

  30. Crystal Preston says:

    Awww, you look beautiful!!! Preggo DIVA!!! LOL

  31. caramelnaps25 says:

    Congrats Charee! I wondered where you had been and here I am a month late, lol!

  32. Felicia says:

    Congrats Cuz!

  33. Dr. Reginia says:

    You look great. I was just thinking that I had missed your name around the www. Congratulations to you and the Mr.

  34. Shrae says:

    Congratulations Ms Charee! Best wishes to you and your family. You look amazing as always, even with your little bump!

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